Monday 11th December 2017

School will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 12th December).
Please wrap children up in hats, gloves and scarfs as well as waterproof outdoor shoes. We would also ask that children bring 'indoor' shoes to change into, or they can use their school pumps. 
Thank you for your support with today's closure, please travel carefully and we will see you all tomorrow.

Edward the Elder, Elston Hall, Goldthorn Park and Palmers Cross Schools will all be open on Tuesday 12th December 2017.



Reception Visit to Birches Valley

November 2017

Reception thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Birches Valley on Cannock Chase, where we explored a Christmas Trail and had the chance to meet Father Christmas in his Grotto! As we walked through the trail, we were able to find all 9 of Father Christmas’ reindeer. We were even lucky enough to say ‘hello’ to the Gruffalo along the way! After we completed the Christmas Trail, it was time for lunch! It was one of the quietest times of the day and we all enjoyed our packed lunches. After we had eaten, we made our way to Father Christmas’ Grotto where we discovered some of his reindeer resting in the stable. Inside the grotto, we saw many Christmas trees and had the chance to observe a scene from the Nativity. We all had time to talk to Father Christmas and share what presents we would like to receive. We were lucky enough to receive two gifts from Father Christmas; a Christmas tree sapling and a badge! We finished our day waving goodbye to Father Christmas and the staff at Birches Valley and sang songs from our Nativity play on the coach journey home.

Our visit to Birches Valley was lots of fun; our teachers were very proud of our sensible behaviour and excellent manners. The children’s behaviour and enthusiasm was outstanding throughout the day, children were excited to share their experiences and new knowledge in discussions back at school. 




Year 4 Visit to Tamworth Castle

November 2017


Year 4 students enjoyed their trip to Tamworth Castle where they had the opportunity dress up as Anglo-Saxon soldiers. The children were able to become archaeologists and dig for Anglo-Saxon artefacts.
The children enjoyed the tour of the castle where they could see how the Anglo-Saxons lived.

Year 2 Black Country Living Museum

November 2017

Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic but chilly day out at the Black Country Living Museum as part of our History topic of transport through time. Children had the opportunity to ride on a tram and a bus through the village and to discuss how this transport was used in the past. Children were fascinated to see a canal boat from the past and the small area that families would have lived in. We were all excited to experience a cinema trip and to view a film that was over 100 years old. We had a fantastic day and we wish we could have stayed longer.






Year 3 Visit to Birches Valley

November 2017


On Thursday 2nd November, Year 3 went to Birches Valley, Cannock Chase for a Stone Age experience day.
We had a fantastic time bringing the prehistoric times to life, deep in the woods away from wifi and electricity!
We created our own tribe, and painted our faces; then we started our challenges. These included scavenging for safe food to eat and shooting arrows to catch wild animals such as hyena and mammoth! We enjoyed using our maths skills to work out the winner.
One of our favourite activities was making our own fire, by learning how to strike flint to make a spark. It was much harder than it looked, so we needed lots of perseverance to succeed and we managed to light a fire and toast marshmallows and bread to celebrate.
Later, we all enjoyed building our tribe a den. It had to be big enough to fit us all inside and waterproof – unfortunately some of us got wet when the leader made it “rain” on top!
We all loved our day in the forest, and kicking about in the beautiful Autumn leaves. We certainly brought our History to life!
 “ It was my best birthday ever!”
 “My most favourite part was when we roasted the marshmallows because we got to eat them”
“I loved it when the leader tipped water on our den and I got wet”
“I was allowed to light the campfire.”
“”Thank you for letting us go. I really enjoyed it.”

Year 1 Visit to the Think Tank

October 2017

On the 18th October year 1 visited the Thinktank in Birmingham. We had a fantastic day! We learnt all about our five senses by playing lots of fun activities and challenges throughout the museum. We learnt about our bodies, and how even though we may not look the same on the outside, the insides of our body are the same. We learnt about the roles of our different organs and were shocked to find out how long our intestines are! It was fun finding out about our hearts and what happens to them when we exercise. We enjoyed being doctors ands listening to our friend's heart beating. They were beating a lot faster after we had exercised! Outside in the Science garden we were able to explore, we had a great time learning about how things move and playing in the water (we loved squirting our teachers!) We had such a  busy day,some of us even fell asleep on the coach on the way home!




Year 5 Visit to Moseley Old Hall

October 2017

Year 5 visited Moseley Old Hall to learn more about our history topic - The Stuarts. We followed in the footsteps of King Charles II who hid from parliament at Moseley Hall. We saw the priest hole where he hid for days because he wasn't even allowed to be seen by the servants. Year 5 children had the opportunity to dress up and role play the events of 1651. The children enjoyed using quills to write letters and learn about secret messages.














Year 3 Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Museum

July 2017

Year 3 enjoyed putting their Art and History skills to the test when they visited Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Museum. Through workshops with the curators and artists, we were able to apply our learning from our Roman Topic and were complimented by staff on our super knowledge for our age! It was fun to look at real Roman artefacts and coins with magnifying glasses.  We also took the opportunity to look at many types of art, with time to sketch and wonder at the variety on offer. We certainly have some talented artists at Elston. Later, we even made our own Roman Mosaics. An exciting and interesting, hands-on day!





Year 2 West Midlands Safari Park

July 2017

Year 2 enjoyed another fantastic trip to West Midlands Safari Park in July where they spent the morning driving through the safari looking at the all the different, wild animals. The tall, friendly giraffes were particularly fun to see as they kept coming really close to the windows of the coach. After the safari coach ride, we managed to dodge the rain and have our lunch before heading off to see Callum the sea lion in the show. He put on an excellent show for us and we loved him!
The rest of the afternoon was spent in the discovery education centre learning about habitats, the twilight cave with flying fruit bats and then a walk through the prehistoric dinosaur land. One of the favourite parts of the day was seeing the hippos roll around in the squelchy mud! Not even the mishap with the coach breaking down on the way back could stop us having a brilliant day!


Year 1 Dudley Zoo

May 2017

Year 1 had an amazing day at Dudley Zoo. The visit was a fantastic way to bring our science learning about animals to life. during the day the children had the opportunity to handle a number of animals and they also had time for a play on the park!





School Council Visit to the Mayor's Parlour!

May 2017

First we went to the council chamber and we sat down in the councillors seats. When the Mayor and his wife, the Mayoress, came in we all had to stand up to welcome him. He told us lots of information and we asked him lots of questions. It was really interesting! He told us that he is the 158th Mayor of Wolverhampton and that there is a new Mayor being elected next week. He said that to be elected as the Mayor you have to have been the longest serving councillor and he was a councillor of Wolverhampton for 25 years before he was elected last year.

We then went into the Mayor's parlour and we had a drink and a biscuit and the Mayor told us lots more interesting information. After that we all got a chance to try on the Mayor's cloak and chain - it was very heavy! Once we had all had a try on, we went out onto the balcony and the Mayor showed us some of the sights of Wolverhampton. We had a really good view of the Molineux. Then we got a really special treat, we went into the Mayor's office and we sat down and he showed us some of the things he keeps in there like trophies and memorabilia from other countries. 

Finally it was time to go back to school and we all got given a goody pack with things to remember our visit. It was so much fun!

Year 3 Trip to Telford Park

April 2017

What better way to bring our science learning about forces to life than at the park! Around the exciting zones children experienced different types of forces through play. They had opportunities to work in teams or with a partner to get things moving or on their own to challenge themselves.

A lovely sunny walk around the lake allowed children to identify different types of trees and other physical and human features discussed in geography.
The first ever planned trip across Elston Hall Trust was a true success and the children enjoyed meeting children from other schools to share their learning.

Year 1 Visit to St Mary's Church

March 2017

Year 1 walked to St Mary's Church on Friday 10th March.  The children were able to see and touch a number of Christian artefacts that they had learnt about at school. The Reverend was very impressed with the children's knowledge about Christianity and it showed that they had been concentrating in lessons! The children were given  the opportunity to ask  questions which the Reverend very patiently answered! The  children listened to the parable of the Good Samaritan while sitting in the pews.


Year 2 Visit the Black Country Museum

November 2016

We braved the cold weather and had a fantastic day out at the Black Country Museum. The trip linked to our history of transport topic. During the day we looked in the showroom and learnt about how cars were different in the past. We also had the opportunity to go into the stables to find out how horses used to pull carts, 'trams' and canal barges. We also got it ride on the old coach!



Year 1 Visit to the Think Tank





Year 1 had a fantastic day at the Think Tank.  Children had the opportunity to experience lots of stimulating, hands on activities! One of the highlights of the day was the 'Amazing Bodies Workshop'. Children met 'Tommy' a life-size doll who taught them all about their senses, what goes on inside their bodies and how to make healthy choices about food. During the day children were able to spend time in the science garden, which is an outdoor discovery space packed with surprises and fun activities. The children also enjoyed 'Kids City' where they were able to dress up and role play various people in our community.



Year 4 Visit to Tamworth Castle

November 2016

The children really enjoyed their trip to Tamworth Castle which supported their Anglo Saxon learning in History.

Children were able to become real life archaeologists, learning about the Staffordshire hoard and were lucky enough to see some of the artefacts on show.

They then became real life Anglo Saxons and were able to know what it feels like to go into battle. Handling weapons, shields and as the picture shows knowing how to defend.

After lunch the children got to explore the grounds of the castle, visiting the dungeons, the armoury, the chambers and servants quarters.

The children  had a brilliant day and loved becoming soldiers.  Some of then even wondered if they could  be a soldier when they're older!

Year 5 Moseley Old Hall

October 2016

This term Year 5 have been learning all about The Tudors and Stuarts in History. In particular, they have be exploring the Kings who reigned during the Stuart times, focusing on Charles II - the king who was forced to flee England after he lost the battle trying to reclaim the throne when his father had died. Whilst on the run, Charles II took refuge in none other than Moseley Old Hall in Wolverhampton! Recently, Year 5 children took a trip down to Moseley Old Hall to discover the story and secrets behind his stay, this included a tour of the house and they also learnt all about how people stayed healthy and hygienic during the Stuart period. Most excitingly, the children had the chance to touch the same door as Charles II did when he stayed, as written in his diary!

Year 1 Dudley Zoo

April 2016


Year 1 had a fantastic day at Dudley Zoo.  The visit really helped to enhance the children’s previous learning on animals. During the day children had the opportunity to handle a number of animals as part of a special Dudley Zoo Discovery Experience. We met Scott the corn snake, Baldrick the Iguana and Shadow the smelly ferret! The children behaved impeccably and were a credit to Elston Hall.