Monday 11th December 2017

School will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 12th December).
Please wrap children up in hats, gloves and scarfs as well as waterproof outdoor shoes. We would also ask that children bring 'indoor' shoes to change into, or they can use their school pumps. 
Thank you for your support with today's closure, please travel carefully and we will see you all tomorrow.

Edward the Elder, Elston Hall, Goldthorn Park and Palmers Cross Schools will all be open on Tuesday 12th December 2017.



International School Award  is designed to help embed international learning within the curriculum; through forging links with partner schools abroad and teaching young people about the world around them and encouraging global citizenship. We are very proud to have achieved this award.

International School Award

We are delighted to inform you that Elston Hall Primary School has been successful in gaining Re-accreditation of the International School Award and is accredited for three years from 1 September 2016 to

31 August 2019.


Here are the assessor’s comments on our Impact Evaluation:

 'Elston Hall Primary School. International School Award Re-Accreditation: APPROVED. Your school is clearly committed to promoting and developing global citizenship and to embedding an international dimension to your curriculum and whole-school planning. Your seven international activities cover a range of subject areas and age groups. They are curriculum-based, clearly contribute to the improvement of educational and learning outcomes, whilst raising awareness of other countries and cultures. Language learning is an important part of your curriculum and one of your activities nicely combines the use of French in a collaborative context with your partner school, thus promoting intercultural understanding. Short-term activities are balanced with on going curriculum-based programmes of study. Your ambassadorial role within your local network of schools is established. Your impact evaluation highlights benefits for staff, pupils and the local community, although for your pupils you focus largely on the positive effects of learning a foreign language. You could also highlight the far-reaching benefits for pupils of their international work in terms of its raising their awareness of other countries and cultures, broadening horizons, raising aspirations, promoting equality and diversity, tolerance, and similar global skills. Your active international partnerships cover different areas of the world, and you have good plans to sustain and further develop your international dimension via new school links, new projects and further involvement of the local community. Congratulations on your International School Award Re-Accreditation!'


Multi-Lingual Singing Contest Final

June 10th 2016

We hosted the final which was attended by five other schools from the city. The children performed songs in different languages in celebration of different cultures and traditions.  It was wonderful to watch the children and see how proud they were of their achievements. You can listen to the song we entered if you click on 'About Us' on the homepage and select 'Theme Days' and then 'Whole School Theme Days'.

French Easter Day 2016

March 2016

As part of our French Studies and our multi-cultural learning we held a special French Easter Day. Children had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to celebrate Easter as French people do. Children were able to taste traditional French Easter food such as crepes and brioches. Other activities included: French Easter craft activities, an Easter egg hunt, learning French Easter traditions and songs, making French Easter cards, learning to say, read and write French words and phrases.

This special day was also a part of our work as a school to gain re-accreditation of our International School Award. Children wore the colours of the French flag - blue, white and red.

A fantastic day was had by all!

World Book Day 2016

March 2016

During Book Week we have been focusing on reading aloud and reading for pleasure.  Children  also had the opportunity to read books from different cultures and dual language books.   On Friday children dressed up as their favourite book character and some of the costumes were fantastic!  In the afternoon we held a special sharing assemblies so children could share their work with other year groups. Winning book character costumes got to choose a book prize from Book Fair.


Multi Lingual Singing Festival

February 2016

Children have worked really hard to learn and sing a song in a foreign language. They then performed the songs in our very own Multi Lingual Singing Festival. All year groups were fantastic, however we do need to decide which year group will represent us at the city festival in June. We are hoping to upload a video recording for each year group to the website – watch this space!


Re-accreditation of the ISA in 2016



To receive the re-accreditation of the ISA in 2016 when our existing award expires, we need to complete 7 activities during the school year  (2015 2016) as a school.

We also have to show a commitment to the learning of languages and to supporting language learning and global awareness in our school and within other schools.



Our 7 planned activities are:

1. French teaching throughout the whole school

2. French Easter Day - to be celebrated in March 2016

3. Year 5 to link with a school in Texas for the sharing of international learning and multicultural experiences

4. Year 6 to set up a global link with a school in Gambia ( linking to their work on Africa)

5. World Book Day in March 2016 - dual language books and multicultural text focus

6. French singing festival in school - each year group to learn a French song and perform it in a concert in February 2016

7.Elston to host MFL Singing Festival where other schools are invited to send a class to perform a song in a different language or from a different culture June 2016

To support this, we also have all our assemblies and special days and weeks in school (eg charity fundraising days, India days), RE and Geography lessons, French labels around school, penpal and email links with St Barts and our support of Palmers Cross in setting up French teaching and also applying for the foundation level of the award.

We will also ask for family feedback after these various events.

International Links

Reception classes have a partner school in Pakistan, and are able to share their learning via photographs and examples of work.
Year 5 classes have an 'eTwinning space' with a school in Germany.   'eTwinning' is all about enabling the children to connect and work with parnters online all over Europe. 
The benefits of this to the children are:

 ■Increased motivation, as they have an audience for their work in a school in another country

 ■Enhanced key skills, including ICT use, communication and foreign language skills

 ■Greater cultural awareness through direct contact with peers in other countries.

European Christmas

We celebrated Christmas European Languages Day in December 2012.  The children practised speaking French, German or Spanish throughout the day. Many activities were enjoyed, the favourite being a visit to a traditional 'French Market' where we all got to taste traditional foodThe children also made a variety of traditional Christmas decorations and they all looked great dressed in  flag colours.

World Book Day

All the children had great fun and looked fantastic dressed as their favourite book characters.The children took part in lots of reading based activities, of which some had a multicultural theme.

Postcards from Around the World

Children and staff have been encouraged to bring in postcards for our display. This activity has improved the children's knowledge of the location of places around the world.

Culture in a box

As part of our work with our partner schools in Chester, Germany and Pakistan, children worked on a whole school project where we decided on 10 items that we thought would accurately represent Britain and our culture and heritage.
We created a ‘Culture Box’ about Great Britain. The box contained 10 items (or pictures of items) which depicted our English culture (eg: symbol, flag, food items, famous buildings & landmarks, coins, stamps, clothing, famous painting, piece of music, transport, anthem, saying, handicraft, inventions.)
Children were asked to create a poster, fact file, information booklet, PowerPoint presentation about Britain, including their top 10 items that represent Britain.

Modern Foreign Languages

Policy for Modern Foreign Languages

We are currently amending our provision for MFL in line with the new curriculum, ready for September 2014.
In Key Stage 1 French is taught on a 'drip-feed' basis, as and when appropriate. Key Stage 2 have a time-tabled slot for Modern Foreign Languages.

■Year 3 and 4 - French

■Year 5 and 6 - French