Monday 11th December 2017

School will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 12th December).
Please wrap children up in hats, gloves and scarfs as well as waterproof outdoor shoes. We would also ask that children bring 'indoor' shoes to change into, or they can use their school pumps. 
Thank you for your support with today's closure, please travel carefully and we will see you all tomorrow.

Edward the Elder, Elston Hall, Goldthorn Park and Palmers Cross Schools will all be open on Tuesday 12th December 2017.

Theme DaysYeargroup


Throughout the year we hold a number of year group themed days to enhance learning, help children to be more aware of their wider community and celebrate important occasions.

Year 3 and 4 Change for Life Competition

November 2017


Children from years 3 and 4 had the opportunity to represent Elston Hall at the Change 4 life competition. The children took part in different activities where they achieved different awards for self belief, determination, passion, focus, respect and teamwork.
All children did well! We are very proud of you for your achievements and representing our school.


Disability Awareness

February 2017

Children in Year 5  experienced using a sports wheelchair and practised self-propelling movements. They also played wheelchair basketball and volleyball. The workshop is designed to teach  children how to be respectful towards wheelchair users.


Year 4 Visit from Fire Fighters

February 2017

Year 4 children really enjoyed meeting the staff from Fallings Park Fire station.

They were taught what how to safely evacuate a building, how to report a fire, the dangers of hoax calls and the importance of fire safety.

Thomas enjoyed learning about 'stop, drop and roll' and said "I enjoyed this because I learnt how to live longer if I caught on fire."

Georgie enjoyed learning about how to keep safe if her house caught on fire. "If a fire ever does happen, I now know what to do."

Year 5 and 6 NSPCC Workshop

February 2017

Children in  Year 5 and 6 took part in a NSPCC workshop called the 'Speak out Stay safe' programme, where they learnt essential safeguarding information.

By the end of our visit pupils said they felt empowered and could speak out and stay safe. The workshop was invaluable in helping the children:

-understand abuse in all its forms and recognise the signs of abuse

-know how to protect themselves from all forms of abuse

-know how to get help, and the sources of help available to them, including the Childline service.

Year 3 Stone Age Workshop

November 2016

Year 3 had a fantastic time at the Stone Age Workshop. They learnt how to become architects and explore for artefacts before meeting a stone age man and experiencing what life was like in the Stone Age.  Back in the classrooms children made their own fires in groups along with some tools for hunting. They gathered berries to make a fruit stew and designed their very own cave paintings on stones. A wonderful, creative day to finish off their learning about the Stone Age!



Year 6 Apprentice

June 2016

After weeks of hard work, The Apprentice had come to its ‘Finale’. With 12 groups across the year group, they all came up with a unique and cost-effective product which they themselves had made, ready to be sold to parents (and teachers!). All children had worked incredibly hard to research ideas and costing, and then identify what their profit margin would be. Once they had decided on their product, the children then worked throughout the week to create their products, as well as designs, leaflets and posters for their stalls. The end result was magnificent!

All 12 stalls looked fantastic and we are very proud of how hard they all worked in their teams to advertise and sell their products. The actual morning of The Apprentice was a massive success! All groups sold out of all of their products – with some even selling out within the first 20 minutes! Wow! With products including: fruit kebabs, stationary, sweets, candles and key rings, there was something for everyone. A massive well done to all 12 teams; their hard work over the past few weeks has culminated in an excellent and incredibly successful morning. Well done Year 6 – we are very proud of you.



Year 1 Fire Service Visit

May 2016

First we has a presentation where we learnt more information about the Great Fire of London. The fireman were impressed with how much we already knew!  Then we went into the hall and learnt how to keep safe in a fire. We practised ‘STOP, DROP and ROLL’.
After that we were so excited because it was time to see the fire engine! The fireman talked all about the equipment that is kept in a fire engine. We went in the fire engine and the firemen even put the sirens on! It was super loud! Finally we all got a turn to hold the firemen’s hose and squirt water as far as we could!


Aldersley High School Year 4

May/June 2016

 Food Technology at Aldersley High School.

The children made cheese scones, fairy cakes, pizza toast and shortbread.


Year 1 Victorian Day

March 2016

Year 1 children concluded their topic with a Victorian School Day!

The teachers and many of the children dressed in costume to make the day as authentic as possible.

During the day the children had a 'taste' of what being a child in the Victorian era would have been like! The children experienced many activites such as; sitting in rows, taking part in drill, writing on slates and learning by rote. A hand inspection was carried out by the 'school inspector', and some children were unlucky enough to experience the back straightener and finger stocks!!

A great day was had by all, although the children were glad to have their present day teachers back!

Year 5 Disability Workshop

March 2016

Children in Class 18 attended a disability workshop with Penn Hall School on 7th March. The children experienced being wheelchair users and played wheelchair basketball and other sports.

Fire Service

February 2016

Year 4 enjoyed a  visit from the fire service, they learnt about safety and hazards in the home, what to do in the event of a fire as well as the 'stop, drop and roll' procedure!

Collaborative Art

October 2015

Year 4 enjoyed an art lesson with Mr Sutton from The Kings School. Key Stage 2 have been creating individual pieces of art work which will be put together to create a collaborative piece which will be hung in the KS2 hall. We are excited to see the final piece!

Year 1 Biker Buddies

June 2015

Children in Year 1 have taken part in 'Biker Buddies'.  The ten sessions have helped the children to develop their gross motor skills and dynamic balance on a balance bike. The children have had the opportunity to improve gliding, stopping and braking skills which has enabled them to make a smooth transition onto a pedal bike.

Year 6 The Apprentice!

June 2015

Year 6 competed in an Apprentice style competition to create the best business! This involved organising teams, designing a product, working out costs and profit margins, pitching their business ideas and designing marketing strategies. Pupils worked extremely hard to prepare for the ‘Apprentice marketplace’ where our 9 teams sold their wares to parents, relatives and teachers!  Over £300 was made in total by the pupils, which will be spent on a treat – yet to be confirmed! The winning teams were:

1st: Class 19’s The Moneymakers (who sold mugs) with £50.66 profit.

2nd: Class 21’s Legendary Superstars (who sold marshmallow kebabs accompanied by a chocolate fountain) with £44.47 profit. 

3rd: Class 20’s The Inventors (who sold origami cards) with £44.46 profit. 

Well done to all the pupils and a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to support them! 

Click on the links below for more photographs from the day.

The Apprentice Photographs



Year 1 Road Safety

March 2015

A School Crossing Patrol Officer came into school to speak to the children about road safety. They discussed how to cross roads safely and talked about different types of crossings.

The children had the opportunity to dress up as a School Crossing Patrol Officer and help the other children across a 'busy road'.

The children learnt a song about how to cross roads safely! They know they have to use their eyes and ears before they use their feet!

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