La Blocarde
Rue A St Exupéry

Our school has well-established links with this French school. Since 2015, we have sustained links through e-mail, sharing letters, cards and videos, sound files and shared projects in both English and French and this has given a real-life context for their language learning. Year 5 children have exchanged photos and work through email, and we have shared this on our website. These joint activities has helped to give a purpose to language learning and also to develop children’s multicultural understanding and awareness. Due to the movement of the French teacher to a younger age group, the links will now continue with our Year 1 group and a new teacher will continue to work with our Year 5 group, thus extending the partnership across the schools.

Year 5 were excited to receive cards from their French Partner School. They  made New Year Cards to send back to them.



Work we have sent to our Partner Schools



Work we have received from our Partner Schools

Year 5 were very excited to receive a holiday diary from their French partner school.