March 2019 Year 4 Asia Day

Year 4 had a lovely day celebrating all things Asian! Children had the opportunity to make Chinese fans, design mehndi patterns, learn an Indian dance, create rangoli patterns, listen to Arjan play his dhol drum and participate in a delicious Indian feast made by Mrs Suwali! Thank you to parents/carers for providing children with their amazing outfits.




 March 2019 World Book Day

During our annual book week, we focus upon stories from around the world and in different languages. This is an annual event and we focus upon different stories in each year group every year. We plan it so that it coincides with World Book Day Celebrations and hold a two-day Book Fair in School. Using the Mantra Lingua talking books, we also share books in different languages and celebrate the stories
of other countries. This is something that we share across all the schools in our Trust. Children’s learning will revolve around these texts for the whole week. We also try to invite in professional storytellers to share stories with children.

Children loved dressing up as their favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day 2019. We spent the day celebrating reading, books and authors. Each year group chose a multicultural text to focus on.

Reception - Mama Panya's Pancakes - story from Kenya with aspects linking to pancake day
Year 1 - Anansi and the Tug o'War (African folktale)​
Year 2 - The Tiger Child (A folk tale from India) - Joanna Troughton
Year 3 -  Under the moon and over the sea and A caribbean dozen by John Agard (poetry) (Caribbean)
Year 4 - Firework Maker's Daughter - Philip Pullman
Year 5 - The Hunter - Paul Geraghty
Year 6 - Journey to Jo'burg - Beverley Naidoo


December 2018 French Christmas Day

What a 'fabuleux' day we had!

Children spent the day learning French words, singing French songs, having lessons from specialist French teachers, tasting French food, making French Christmas cards and participating in French sports!

Year 5 Singing