January 2017

On Tuesday 24th January the Elston Hall Choir attended the 'Young Voices' concert at the Genting Arena in Birmingham. There had been a lot of practise of songs and dance moves prior to the event so the children were well prepared and excited for the day! The day consisted of a rehearsal with a world-famous conductor, which was followed by the real concert that kicked off around 7.30pm when parents had joined them at the arena. The choir performed a number of songs from a variety of cultures accompanied by ultra-cool dance moves, they also got to enjoy performances from famous beat boxers and singers. After all the hard work, the children did us proud and gave an 'Outstanding' performance. Despite it being a long day, the children all thoroughly enjoyed it and thrived in the atmosphere. We would also like to thank all parents that attended and came to support their children and the school - it was lovely to hear such good feedback and that parents had a fantastic time too. Both children and parents had an absolute blast and we can't wait to go back again next year!