Educational Visits

June 2021

Year 6 had an amazing final trip visiting Laches Wood. They tested their nerves, stepped out of their comfort zones and faced their fears!  A fantastic day had by all, making memories with super team work! Proud teachers!

February 2020

We had a very exciting day in a Space Dome!
The children learnt all about the planets and our solar system. They heard lots of ancient stories about the constellations of the stars and loved being able to see the constellations right in front of their eyes.
The children learnt about the sun and how the Earth and other planets in our solar system move around it.
Did you know that the sun is the size of 1.3 million Earths?

December 2019

Year 4 had a fantastic time at Birmingham Sealife Centre. There were many highlights of our visit such as watching the feeding of Gentoo Penguins, getting up close with giant rays and Reef Sharks in the Ocean Tunnel, jumping aboard the Polar Express in the 4D cinema and a surprise visit from Santa! The children behaved impeccably and were a credit to our school. 






December 2019

Year 5 became explorers at the Space Centre. They had fantastic opportunities to test their coding skills through the challenge of moving a mars buggy. Eyes were wide with wonder in the planetarium as they went into outer space, exploring the galaxies - it was as if we were really there! It was an incredible day and children were truly in awe of all that they experienced and saw.



December 2019

Congratulations to the Year 4 children who took part in the spelling challenge at the Girl's High School. We were very proud of you!






December 2019

Nursery children travelled together on a steam train in search of Santa. They enjoyed a picnic lunch, sang Christmas songs and saw elephants, a rhino and deer when passing the safari park.
Then.... Santa found us on the train!



November 2019

Despite the miserable weather, Year 1 had a fantastic time at the Black Country Living Museum today. We braved the rain and had a walk around the museum where the boys were very polite and allowed the girls to enter the buildings first. We also enjoyed visiting St James's Infant school where the strict headmaster showed us what it would be like if we were at school in 1912. Children certainly prefer school in the 21st century after experiencing handwriting with hooks and hangers on a slate and having hand inspections. Before the end of the day, children were able to learn about toys from the past and had the opportunity to play with a wide range of old and modern toys. They were amazed to learn that poor children in the past would only have had one or two wooden toys to play with... if they were lucky!


November 2019

Year 4 had a fantastic afternoon with the Virtual Reality Team learning about the different layers of the ocean and the animals that they would find in each layer. They even went down to the trenches! Great fun was had by all!



November 2019

Year 2 have had a fantastic day at Legoland and have been fantastic adventurers. Children have competed a range of challenges to collect their explorer badges just like Russell from Up.
Children enjoyed building and racing cars, watching a 4D movie and creating their own hot air balloon. 
Children’s behaviour was outstanding and they were all a credit to our school.





October 2019

Year 6 have had a lovely day learning about the chocolate adventure of Cadbury World. Through an informative talk about the Mayans and Aztecs the children have learnt lots of interesting facts. We have tried Yummy chocolate with a choice of fillings and have been able to play on the park. The 4d cinema experience was brilliant and the children's behaviour was outstanding.






September 2019

Year Three had a wonderful time at Cannock Chase, as part of our Thematic topic of Survival.
Although the weather was against us, we showed great resilience in getting involved in the day and making the most of our adventure.
When we arrived, we talked together in the classroom about Stone Age life and enjoyed playing Stone Age Bingo. Then we moved onto our outdoor activities.  
One challenge was to build a shelter, using only materials we found in the forest. We used our teamwork and problem solving skills to create a den, and then tested it with water. There were lots of squeals as the water was tipped on and some of us did get wet!
Our archery activity used both our PE and maths skills, and we worked hard to improve our accuracy and get the best score we could.
One of our favourite activities on the day was lighting a fire, using flint and stone to create a spark. We actually did it ourselves! It was so tricky and we really had to persevere, but all of a sudden we got the hang of it! We were so proud that we had made the fire all by ourselves. 
We ended the day toasting marshmallows around the campfire. We can really understand now how hard it was for Stone Age people to survive - it really brought our learning alive!