October 2017

On the 18th October year 1 visited the Thinktank in Birmingham. We had a fantastic day! We learnt all about our five senses by playing lots of fun activities and challenges throughout the museum. We learnt about our bodies, and how even though we may not look the same on the outside, the insides of our body are the same. We learnt about the roles of our different organs and were shocked to find out how long our intestines are! It was fun finding out about our hearts and what happens to them when we exercise. We enjoyed being doctors ands listening to our friend's heart beating. They were beating a lot faster after we had exercised! Outside in the Science garden we were able to explore, we had a great time learning about how things move and playing in the water (we loved squirting our teachers!) We had such a  busy day,some of us even fell asleep on the coach on the way home!