School Closure - Learning at home

Learning At Home


November 2017

On Thursday 2nd November, Year 3 went to Birches Valley, Cannock Chase for a Stone Age experience day.
We had a fantastic time bringing the prehistoric times to life, deep in the woods away from wifi and electricity!
We created our own tribe, and painted our faces; then we started our challenges. These included scavenging for safe food to eat and shooting arrows to catch wild animals such as hyena and mammoth! We enjoyed using our maths skills to work out the winner.
One of our favourite activities was making our own fire, by learning how to strike flint to make a spark. It was much harder than it looked, so we needed lots of perseverance to succeed and we managed to light a fire and toast marshmallows and bread to celebrate.
Later, we all enjoyed building our tribe a den. It had to be big enough to fit us all inside and waterproof – unfortunately some of us got wet when the leader made it “rain” on top!
We all loved our day in the forest, and kicking about in the beautiful Autumn leaves. We certainly brought our History to life!


 “ It was my best birthday ever!”
 “My most favourite part was when we roasted the marshmallows because we got to eat them”
“I loved it when the leader tipped water on our den and I got wet”
“I was allowed to light the campfire.”
“”Thank you for letting us go. I really enjoyed it.”