Educational Visits

October 23rd 2018

Year 5 had a fantastic time at Moseley Old Hall recently. They joined in re-enacting King Charles II infamous escape to Moseley Old Hall and took part in writing secret messages using quills! They even had the opportunity to see priest hole, where Charles had to hide from the Roundheads! Year 5 were an absolute pleasure to take on the trip and, as always, were excellent representatives of our school. They answered questions, listened well and showed 'Outstanding' behaviour throughout. We are very proud of you all.




June 2018

Children took part in canoeing across a lake and then had to cross a lake using vines and bridges - many of them fell in! They also had a go at abseiling and climbing.  Everyone enjoyed it and there were some amazingly brave children.





June 2018








May 2018

Children were able to develop a greater understanding of their immediate environment and local area by visiting the local shops. They walked in small groups to a local shop to buy some fruit and vegetables. Children have been encouraged to develop a greater awareness of the different roles that people have and how they effect us.



May 2018

Reception really enjoyed our visit to Rays Farm; here we continued our learning about animals and the farm. During the day we had chance to visit the Fairy tale Forest, where we were able to see the Crooked Man and his house, Humpty Dumpty and lots of wild garlic growing amongst the trees. Many children thought it smelt of garlic bread! We were able to see and stroke many farm animals, including sheep, donkeys, goats and horses! We also got to see lots of unusual animals, such as alpacas, reindeer, owls and a llama called Carlos! We saw many young farm animals too, were able to spot baby kids, chicks and lambs. Our teachers all said we were very well behaved, unlike some of the naughty goats that escaped to follow us around the farm! We had lots of fun during our visit to the farm and learned even more. The children’s behaviour and enthusiasm was outstanding throughout the day, children shared their experiences and new knowledge confidently in discussions back at school. 



May 2018

Year 4 enjoyed their trip to Aldersley. Both classes enjoyed carrying out science experiments. Class 13 were able to use the microscopes to look at onion cells. Class 15 looked at how metals react with certain acids. 




March 2018

On Thursday 15th March, Year 3 became Scientists for the day at the Big Bang Science Fair, at the NEC in Birmingham.
We always love being hands-on in our Science lessons, so this day was a fabulous opportunity for Year 3 to try new things and aspire to many different Science based careers. We couldn't believe how many different kinds of Science we saw!  Activities that day included carefully  controlling robots, looking at the best conditions for seed growth, exploring flooding using forces and energy and making hovercraft out of everyday things. We loved seeing the RAF jet and JCB diggers up close - they were huge!  

The day was full of challenges such as building a tower using marshmallows and spaghetti, lighting up a circuit successfully and creating a racing car to race against friends.  We all had a wonderfully busy and inspiring day and look forward to putting our Science knowledge to good use in our future learning. Thank you to Miss Knowles for organising the tickets for us!







March 2018

Year 2 had an amazing time at the safari park on Thursday 22nd March. The ride around the park allowed us to see a variety of different animals including a pack of wild African dogs who thoroughly entertained us as they chased each other in front of our coach. We were also lucky enough to see the large, powerful lion stroll proudly towards us and cross the road in front of us.

After the ride around the park, it was time for lunch under the canopies. It was a bit chilly and not your usual lunch as we were joined by hungry ducks who kept pinching the scraps off the floor. It caused a lot of excitement! Plus we saw Mrs Perry and her family too!

Before splitting up into our own classes, we all enjoyed the incredible sea lion show where we learned the difference between a sea lion as a seal! (There are 3 main differences - do you know them?).

We then had a walk through the twilight cave and the dinosaur area before looking at the meerkats and taking a walk through the lemur wood where we found that the inquisitive, friendly lemurs are not at all shy!

A lovely day was had by all with a few sleepers on the way back to school whilst others talked about their favourite parts of the day!






March 2018

On the 13th and 14th March year 1 went to Weston Park to find out about Victorian Toys. We had a fantastic day! When we arrived we all dressed up in Victiorian clothes. Some of us were dressed as rich people, some of us were maids or butlers and some of us dressed as Victorian children. We learnt how Victorian people greeted each other- the boys would bow and girls would curtsey. We found out about a Victorian Houses- Did you know they only had a toilet at the bottom on the garden so they had to have a chamber pot under their bed at night?

We had a lot of fun exploring and playing with Victorian toys both indoors and outdoors.  We noticed that the toys were very different to the toys we mainly play with today. They did not have any iPad’s or any Lego! We were shocked to hear that lots of the toys we play with today were not played with because plastic had not even been invented yet! Victorian toys were mainly made from wood and string, they cost a lot of money and were made by hand not in factories like today. Some poor children even had to make their own toys and dolls from objects such as old brooms and socks because they could not afford to buy toys!


The children shared their thoughts on the Victorian toys they played with.

Chloe ‘ I enjoyed playing with the hobby horse, I liked galloping around’
Lucas ‘ I was the champion at skittles, I scored 9 points!’
Ellis ‘ I liked the tumbling monkey, it looked funny when it fell down’
Ethan- ‘The hoops were the best but it was tricky to control them’
Leela- ‘ I learnt how to play skipping games’
Evie- ‘ I liked the dolls house because it had lots of rooms’






February 2018

Year 5 had a fantastic day at RAF Cosford. This visit  supported our learning about the Battle of Britain in our history lessons. The children experienced what life was like for an RAF pilot during the war and got to see the spitfires and other aircraft.






January 2018

The first trip of 2018 and what an amazing trip it was! The choir were lucky enough-yet again-to attend Young Voices at the Genting Arena in Birmingham, where they joined 6,000 other children in an incredible performance for friends and family. The performances were brilliant and the atmosphere was truly electric! The children have been working hard since September to learn many new songs and it was lovely to see them enjoy the night and join in with other schools. A massive thank you to parents who were able to join us in the evening and joined in the fun and entertainment of the night. A truly magical and spectacular night had by all! Well done Choir!