Theme Days


March 2019

Children loved dressing up as their favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day. We spent the day celebrating reading, books and authors. Each year group chose a multicultural text to focus on.







 March 2019

Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from West Midlands Fire Service. The children watched a short film to show how quickly fire spreads, then learnt about:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Escape plans
  • Emergency calls
  • Fire hazards
  • Stop, drop and roll
  • Pedestrian safety
  • In-car safety

During the session they learnt vital life saving skills.



January 2019

A Police Community Support Officer visited Year 1. She taught us about strangers and safe strangers, for example police offers, shop keepers, lollipop people, security and fire fighters. We learnt what to do if we got lost. PCSO Trudi gave us lots of tips on how to stay safe, for example, having our adult's phone number in our pockets. We had a great morning and look forward to Trudi's next visit. 



December 2018

Children in Year 4 and Year 5 had a fantastic time visiting space and going back in time to the Vikings!





December 2018






9th November 2018

The day started with a wonderful, moving assembly performed by our Year 6 children to commemorate Remembrance Day. Children spent the day creating art work,  writing poems, making monuments or making poppy biscuits so they could learn about and understand the significance of the day.  Some of our children had the opportunity to attend the Wolverhampton Schools Remembrance Service and marched through the city centre alongside veterans and soldiers. All the children have contributed to our wonderful school display in the entrance hall. 




On Friday 5th October 2018 Elston Hall was 80 years old!
We had an amazing day celebrating, sharing memories with ex pupils and recreating school life in the 1930's for our current children. Thank you very much to our 80 year old visitors who fascinated the children with their memories of school life!








 October 2018

More photographs from the day!

July 2018

Year 1 found out about snot! What it is and why we need it to stay healthy. They carried out an experiment to find out whether thick or thin snot travels further when we sneeze!



Year 5 analysed vomit (home-made) and carried out an experiment in order to design the perfect sick bag!




July 2018

We have had a fantastic Creative Week. Thank you to School Council for helping to organise the week.  Each year group spent the week learning about a World Cup country. Activities ranged from researching the culture, tasting traditional food from that country, learning some words in their language to learning a traditional dance! Lots of learning took place and great fun was had by all!

Reception - France

Year 1 - Germany

Year2 - Brazil

Year 3 - Portugal

Year 4 - Belgium

Year 5 - Argentina

Year 6 - Spain

Children had the opportunity to share their learning in an assembly at the end of the week!

The children shared their learning in an assembly at the end of the week.






July 2018

Children in Year 6 worked well in teams to plan and produce a product to sell to parents. They have had to think carefully about costing, profit margins and final profits. They worked brilliantly together and the 'selling hour' was very successful! We are very grateful to family and friends who supported the children! The profits have been counted and verified and the winners, with the highest profit are...….Top Sellers, with a fantastic profit of £53.09. All profits will now go towards a 'Fun Day' for the children in their last week of being students at Elston Hall Primary School. A massive well done to all involved.