Theme Days

 July 2018

Children in Year 1 were very excited to welcome Firefighters from Fallings Park Fire Station.

Joshua the fireman showed the children a presentation about The Great Fire of London and how it started. He was very impressed with the children's knowledge about the fire and how it started. The children were told about what firefighters do and that they don't just put out fires. They help people out of car crashes, get cats out of trees and help people out of canals. The fireman also discussed the fire hazards that could be in and around the home.
Each group had the opportunity to climb into the cabin of the fire engine and sit in the seats!  Whilst inside the fire engine they were shown different elements; for e.g the heat detector. which was used to detect people who might be trapped in the smoke, the storage within the cabin for the firemen's helmets and the gas mask. Afterwards, Rob the firemen showed the children all the different tools found on the fire engine; such as 'Jaws of Life' used to help cut people out of cars when they are stuck from a car accident. The children also had the opportunity to watch Rob put on a full firefighter's uniform. 

The children had a fantastic afternoon!




July 2018

Choir attended the annual Sing 4 Summer event at St John’s Church and had the most amazing time. Children had an opportunity to join other schools in performing songs that they have been rehearsing in Choir Club. It was a great workshop to demonstrate singing skills and join in with other children playing instruments, dancing and harmonising their lovely voices. Our choir also demonstrated how ‘Outstanding’ their voices are, when they performed their own rendition of ‘This Is Me’ – wow! What a tearjerker! They certainly left everyone with goosebumps! Another lovely afternoon and another proud moment for our children!




June 2018

Class 10 have had the pleasure of learning how to play the cornet and mini trumpet in their music lessons over the Summer term. The children learnt how to hold the instrument and fit the mouth piece correctly, how to find the beat in a piece of music and how to play several notes on the instruments. The children showcased what they had learnt in lessons beautifully in the music concert.



May 2018

The children had a wonderful time dancing and singing the evening away! Even the teachers could 'floss' by the end of the night!




May 2018


Children dressed up and enjoyed a royal picnic!


In celebration of Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's wedding the children have participated in a variety of 'wedding' activities. Many of these activities are closely linked to our R.E curriculum.

Here are a few photos from the day.



May 2018


Well done to Rithik, Kai, Zaara and Katelyn  who participated in the Year 4 Mathematics Challenge at Wolverhampton Girls' High School! Our four mathematicians enjoyed mental challenges and logical problems whilst competing against 70 other teams! We are still awaiting official results but are extremely proud of the effort and focus of them all!









April 2018

Year 5 had a visit from a Police Community Support Officer. She talked to the children about safety and making the right choices. She also helped the children develop an awareness of legal consequences for 10 year olds. 

March 2018

Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, several Harry Potters and even Pippi Longstocking made an appearance at Elston Primary School during our World Book Day!  Children spent the week focusing on a particular author and shared their learning in a special World Book Day assembly!


As part of our World Book Day celebrations, our Year 3 children have been exploring the art of reading aloud with intonation and expression. To give their skills a test, they were excited to pair up with Year 1 for the afternoon, to read them stories from the school library. The children all enjoyed the session, and it was lovely to see our children sharing special moments together and a mutual love of great books and stories. We hope to repeat it again in the Summer. Thank you Year 1 for coming to join us!




March 2018

The children in Class 12 have been learning the ukulele this term.  They have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to learn this unusual but beautiful instrument. They were very proud of their learning, and enjoyed showcasing it for their parents. 

March 2018

Year 4 enjoyed a unique school day this week, as we celebrated our Asia day. Children were invited to come dressed in Asian clothing or wear the colours of an Asian country's flag. We even had some children who drew the flags onto t-shirts. 
We started our morning by making Chinese flags and fortune cookies. We then danced our socks off in the hall to some Indian music, which we all enjoyed. 
After play we learnt about Rangoli patterns and the importance they have during Diwali. We even created our own designs on the playground using chalk. 
The highlight of our day was tasting Asian food including; rice, poppadums', chickpea curry, prawn crackers and chapattis. It was very tasty and lots of the children were trying food for the first time which was good to see. 
We hope all the children had a fantastic day celebrating our Geography topic of Asia. 







January 2018

Year 4 welcomed the Fire service to inform us about fire safety. We learnt what we should do to prevent a fire such as fitting smoke alarms and closing our doors when we go to bed. Also we learnt what to do if we were in a situation where fire was present.