October 2019

Our peer supporters had a brilliant day in Play leader training at The Way Youth Zone today! They learned a variety of skills to enable them to make our
playtimes more fun in both KS1 and KS2. They will now be working towards becoming Level 1 Sports leaders - keep an eye out for more to come! Well done guys! 


October 2019

Reception children were very lucky to have some of their parents join them during their Phonics Learning. Parents were able to gain an understanding of how we teach Phonics and how to support their children at home. Parents were able to gain an insight into learning in the classroom by seeing their children during a Phonics lesson and join in with some fun Phonics activities! We really appreciate parents and carers for taking time out of their morning to share in our learning.

If parents would like more information regarding Phonics or some fun online Phonics activities please visit these websites:


October 2019

Thank you for your generous donations for Year 2's Harvest Assembly. All produce has been donated to the Good Shepherd Ministry.

Year Three had a wonderful time at Cannock Chase, as part of our Thematic topic of Survival.

Although the weather was against us, we showed great resilience in getting involved in the day and making the most of our adventure.
When we arrived, we talked together in the classroom about Stone Age life and enjoyed playing Stone Age Bingo. Then we moved onto our outdoor activities.  
One challenge was to build a shelter, using only materials we found in the forest. We used our teamwork and problem solving skills to create a den, and then tested it with water. There were lots of squeals as the water was tipped on and some of us did get wet!
Our archery activity used both our PE and maths skills, and we worked hard to improve our accuracy and get the best score we could.
One of our favourite activities on the day was lighting a fire, using flint and stone to create a spark. We actually did it ourselves! It was so tricky and we really had to persevere, but all of a sudden we got the hang of it! We were so proud that we had made the fire all by ourselves. 
We ended the day toasting marshmallows around the campfire. We can really understand now how hard it was for Stone Age people to survive - it really brought our learning alive!




October 2019

Thank you to all parents/carers who joined Year 4's P.E class. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children.






September 2019

Year 1 have been busy making marmalade!

September 2019

Thank you to parents and carers who attended the Year 6 Meeting.

Click on the links for the information we shared.

Laches Wood Residential

SATs Information


September 2019

Year 1 loved their flight to Peru. Each class turned into an aeroplane and flew 6,000 miles to land in Paddington's home country.


Year 2 have been thinking about where they would fly if they were explorers! We had lots of excitement when a basket landed in the quad and enjoying trying to work out where it had come from!


Year 3 had an exciting afternoon. They were sent clues from explorers that were frozen in ice! the children worked as a team to get them out and decide what the clues meant!


Year 4 have made a fantastic start on their Fanta 'SEA' learning. We even made our own compasses!



Year 5 landed on the moon! Children loved using the Virtual Reality Goggles!


Year 6 have been tasting chocolate!



We hope you have had a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing the children safely back in school on Wednesday 4th September.

August 2019

Look where Mrs Mitchell has been caught reading. She’s reading to find out some information AND reading in a different language! Where have you been caught reading? Send your photos to our reading competition to receive a prize. Happy reading. 📖 📚 

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July 2019

The Way Youth Zone will be hosting a “Meet your future classmates” event at The Way Youth Zone during the summer holidays and they would love for year 6’s to be part of it. The aim of the event will be to address any concerns or worries that our year 6 pupils may have during this big but exciting transition from Primary school to Secondary school. Children will get the chance to make new friends, engage in team building activities, be competitive with our fun and messy challenge as well as create an interactive art piece which will help them to settle into their new school.
The event will take place throughout the six weeks holiday and will cost 50p for your students to attend. Upon completing the activities your students will then be able to engage in the other activities that The Way has to offer until 8.30pm - this includes; rock climbing, boxing, dance, sport and many more. All they need to do is check the timetable to see when their new school will be meeting up at The Way.