July 2022

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Year 6 Residential to Laches Wood June 2022

Laches Wood day 1

At the start of Wednesday morning we got on the coaches at Elston hall and got waved off by our parents and had to wait for our parents who were wanting lots of pictures of us. We travelled all the way to Laches wood, which took around 10 minutes. When we got there, we got sorted into our groups and we got spoken to by the Laches Wood instructors about what we was going to be doing this week and what activities there were on each day. After that we went to our bedrooms and made our beds and unpacked some of our things. Some of us needed some help! We shared bedrooms with some of our friends and then we went to eat lunch at 12:30.We then went to our first activities which were like archery and some other things. I think it was good and the food was nice. –Max

“So far my stay at Laches Wood has challenged me to try new things and the variety of activities is great.” -Sophie

“It has been a very fun experience as we tried a lot of different activities and it was fun as we were with our friends.” Damiyah

“It’s been very fun so far, I tried some things that I never thought I could do such as high ropes and jumping from a high rope.” Dhemi !

“My experience so far in Laches wood has been really fun as we have been with friends.” Priya

“It has been really fun and exciting to do the activities and try new things but what has made me happy the most is spending time with my friends.”-Freya

We enjoyed our evening activity of hide and seek in the woods. Olivia Shaw and Mr Somel were the winners.

We finally went to bed around midnight but we are all up ready to have a fun filled day today.

Fill you in later… Year 6

June 2022

Thank you to Asda in Wolverhampton for donating bedding plants to help us develop our quad. We can't wait for the children to help plant them!


JUNE 2022

We are very grateful to Morrisons in Pendeford for donating vouchers to help us develop our quad. We have already purchased a number of plants which have been planted and cared for by children in our gardening club. 



June 2022

Year 5 had a fantastic day at Blists Hill. The children got dressed into Victorian clothing and experienced what it would have been like to go to school in Victorian times. No one got the cane but it ws a bit scary! Children also had the chance to walk around the town and see all the shops that would have been in a typical Victorian town. Some of the shops they visited were a bank, photographers and chemists. Due to unforeseen circumstances,  some of the children were unable to take part in the candle dipping workshop so Blists Hill kindly let some of us go on the clay mine train trip. To finish the day off, the children had some time on the adventure playground. We're very proud of Year5, their behaviour was fantastic!





June 2022

Staff and pupils enjoyed a special day of celebrations in the lead up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  The whole school took part in a number of fun activities in honour of the Queen’s 70-year reign.

We had our own ‘street party’  with bunting, flags, music and cakes. 

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May 2022

We have been so impressed with Year 5's Jubilee homework projects.  Click on the box below to view some of our winning entries!

May 2022

Year 6 had a fantastic time at Drayton Manor, celebrating the end of their SATs!



April 2022

Year 1 had a wonderful day at Dudley Zoo. It was wonderful to hear the children applying their science learning when talking about the animals!

Not only did the children get to see vertebrates from all the five animal groups, they also had time for a train ride, a look round the castle and fun on the adventure playground.




 Click on the link below to see the journey of the Elston Hall ducklings.