It’s just dawned on me that I won’t be coming to Elston Hall again – well it isn’t mandatory to come here again. I can still remember my first day in Class 2 with the lovely Miss Owen. I remember mainly playing with the blocks and talking gibberish to the teacher that had the kindness to listen. My favourite memory was when I came to school dressed up as Gabrielle from from High School Musical and we went on the inflatables all day! I loved it. I remember in reception finding it weird when we did writing and maths because all I used to want to do was play on the computer that sat in the left-hand corner of the room. In reception, I learnt the art of sharing and being kind. Then I moved up to Class 6 where I had Miss Hannon. I remember when we first met her. She told us about her dog and about how much we’d enjoy Year 1. And Miss Hannon was right! I remember celebrating Easter by going on an egg hunt. Inside the eggs were letters that ended up spelling out the word ‘Easter’. That day, Miss Hannon had put me in charge of ticking off the eggs. I felt like a teacher. Year 1 taught me to be generous and help others. Next I was in Class 9 with Mrs Perry. Year 2 was when I realised that you need determination and hard work for S.A.T.’s. This was when I really developed into a hardworking girl who wanted to learn more. I remember being in an English lesson in Class 7 with Mrs Callaghan. We were doing a description about the Gruffalo and we started to have a laugh about how she had started writing in red and changed the colour halfway through a word. I remember then moving into Class 10 with Miss Spencer – who I’d had for phonics in Year 1. I remember when we met her and we wrote a postcard for a character from a book. Year 3 taught me maturity and sensibility. Next, I was in Class 13 with Mrs Guest. I loved Year 4. Especially at Conwy. I shared a room with Lydia, Simrah and Mya. On the second Morning, I remember tricking Mya that she missed breakfast because she slept in so late, she actually believed us. Year 4 gave me a lesson in being fragile with people’s feelings. Then I moved up to Year 5 when a pigeon flew into the window during an English lesson and we all laughed our heads off. In Year 5 my confidence grew. In Year 6 I was taught the lesson of believing in myself. I’m going to miss all my friends and previous teachers. I want to say thank you to everyone that has helped me grow into the individual I am today. I would like to finish off with my favourite quote, “Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we overcometh the world”. I will miss you Elston Hall. Sorry for going on.



When I first came to Elston Hall I was so scared that I couldn’t even talk to the teacher – I was that scared! Now I am in Year 6 and I landed one of the main parts in the end of year play, performing in front of more than 100 people. My confidence has really grown during my time at Elston Hall. It has been a journey. One that I have really enjoyed.



I have been here since nursery

We have had a lot of great memories
I remember doing the register in nursery
Luckily quite a few of my friends are coming to high school
Love you all and going to miss you

Me and my bestie and only been close friends since the start of Year 6
I will miss everyone
So, Brecon Beacons was the best residential
So, I have seen a different side to my friends this year

You will all have an amazing time in Year 6 
Obviously, S.A.T.’s is going to be hard at times, but not all the time
U just enjoy your last year at primary!