School Closure - Learning at home

Learning At Home

June 2019

We have had a wonderful creative week - full of fun and so much learning!

Year 1 had a fantastic Harry Potter science week starting off with designing and making their own wands and robes! After that, we had a very special delivery from Hagrid! Each class received a very special giant egg with strict instructions to take care of it and keep it safe from Voldemort. Children then thought about what could be inside the egg and they designed different fantastic and mystical beasts! On Wednesday the children were frantic as the eggs had disappeared! After a hunt around school, each egg was found but they had hatched! Luckily, Hagrid sent the children another message showing the children that the magical creatures were safe! Phew! Safe in the knowledge that the creatures were safe, children cracked on with their science experiments and potion making. They investigated density and found out what happens when you try to mix different liquids. They also designed their own potion and had fun investigating balloon racers! What a wonderful and magical week they had! 





Year 1 had a very special delivery!

June 2019

Year 2 have a had a busy, creative day.  'The Sorting Hat' sorted us into our team houses, which was very exciting! Next we made our very own wands and created a shield to match the house we were sorted into. After lunch we designed and made a 'Golden Snitch'.



Year 4 making wands ready for potions class!


Year 4 investigated which material was best for a quidditch ball to travel the furthest.


Year 4 thought carefully about the ingredients for a friendship potion!

Year 5 designing and making a snitch. Which one will go the furthest? Enjoying a butter beer!


 Year 6 investigated the density of water, oil and food colouring.