June 2020

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Year 6 Leavers



Good morning folks,

I hope the newsletter finds everyone safe and well. I will take an opportunity to send this newsletter ahead of our return to school from Monday 1 June. There remains so much talk and deliberation about the return of schools. As public servants we have taken the decision to open in the considered and staggered way that we have advertised to you all. We have heard from many families who are supportive of this and some who are not. I would remind all our families that the official advice is that if families choose not to send their children back to school, there will currently be no action or fines issued. That being said we will be here to welcome the particular year groups back to school should you so choose.

In all our Trust schools we are working together to make our school as safe as possible for all sections of the community. The safety of children, staff, parents and families is absolutely paramount. Our schools serve a diverse community which we value but we are aware there additional fears from groups within these communities – we will remain sensitive and vigilant to ensure government science and advice is carefully followed. We have drawn up are implementing rigorous Risk Assessments – I have included an example of key bullets from the many listed in these extensive documents. 

• Hand sanitiser, soap, disinfectant wipes, tissues are available in any areas where adults and pupils will be working/playing
• Hand sanitiser stations placed in entrances for those pupils/adults passing into school
• Clear signage explaining and reminding rules for all
• ALL areas will be enhanced cleaned daily with additional deep cleans during the week
• Gloves and disinfectant spray in all rooms
• Rotas in place to ensure adults and pupils are supported fully throughout the day
• No visitors permitted unless delivering - Parents will be asked to ring or email the office if they have any queries
• One parent/carer ‘drop off’ ‘pick up’  - no scooters, bikes, siblings, pushchairs
• One way system introduced and 2m social distancing indicators in place
• Timetable for all staff available, e.g. staggered toilet breaks , mid-morning breaks and lunchtime
• Arrival times of groups staggered to ensure social distancing measures can followed
•  ‘Bubbles’ of maximum 15 pupils with their teacher and TA with open windows an ventilation
• Classrooms laid out using government guidelines – pupil/desk 2m social distancing - One way systems in classrooms
• Toolkits provided for pupils – no sharing rule
• No reading books home – books and equipment used in school regularly sanitised to be shared with pupils in the classrooms.  All resources cleaned after us
• Pupils to bring only pumps, lunch box and a water bottle to school
• Provision to ensure that any coats pupils bring are stored with social distancing measures in place
• PPE available in all classrooms and in key areas of school e.g. when medical/accident attention require

A final request would be for your help in keeping your children away from school if they develop any illness and where possible the advice suggest to wash school clothes at the end of the day.

Our schools will continue to keep communications an important centre piece of how we work over the next few weeks and individual schools will always advise through the website, text or telephone call of any particular issues they have. I thank you once again for your understanding and re affirm our utmost care for all our children.

Best wishes - Kevin Grayson

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Hello folks – I do hope all our families are managing to stay well and keep safe.

You will have listened to and seen the discussions based on the potential return to school for certain Year Groups, planned by the Government for the 1 June. You will have your own view on this which is quite right.

As a school however we have a responsibility to look at the Government requirements and plan accordingly – you can imagine that with so much to consider it is no easy task. Such is the importance of this individual Heads of School will be contacting all families later this week to outline the plans for a return to school for certain year groups from 1 June. The letter from them will refer to your own school as there are many differences to consider; numbers of children, Groups for attendance, school layout etc…

It may help your planning however if I outline the overall arrangements that will be shared across the Trust;
For Year 6, Year 1 and Reception we will be splitting classes in half. Fifteen children from each class will attend on Monday and Tuesday and the other fifteen children will attend on Thursday and Friday - Wednesday will be a deeper cleaning day.

From the 1 June and 4 June Year 6 and Reception children will return to school and continue each week.

From 8 and 11 of June they will be joined by Year 1.

Arrangements for a return of Nursery children will be considered over the next few weeks, as you might imagine there are likely to be whole raft of additional issues for children so young.

You will have lots of questions that we feel confident will be answered when you receive the detail in later in the week and when this is also published on school websites. 

Kevin Grayson

We have listened to the announcement made by the government last night. Please allow us time and we will contact you via text and on the website with further plans for the 1st June if it should go ahead for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

Please can we remind you that the existing cover in school is for children of Key workers, those linked to a social worker or have a EHCP. 
If you are a key worker, you need to prove that you are employed in one of the government's initial key worker posts.

17th April 2020

As we reach the end of what would have been our Easter holiday, I hope you are all keeping safe and managing in these difficult times to enjoy time with your families. We now know of course that we face another three weeks of ‘lockdown’, though whisper the information that a return to school before the summer is at least on the discussion agenda but not yet with any firm proposals.
The main purpose of this briefing is to underline the apology, on behalf of National Government for the delay in the process and delivery’ of vouchers to our FSM families. Like many schools we chose three weeks ago to use the official voucher scheme recommended by the Government which would deliver vouchers straight to home emails – as you know we have been contacting our FSM families regularly by text. Despite some excellent work by our admin team and school leaders the national system is struggling to cope with the expectation and we have great difficulty in making contact with them. We know many other schools are sharing this frustration and but can assure families that we will continue to ensure all our systems have been fully completed.
Best wishes

Kevin Grayson

One of our parents is a key worker at New Cross. She wanted to express her thanks for the posters and cards that the key workers' children have made.

"The pictures have made me cry they are just beautiful.
I will make sure each and every one is displayed. Thank you!

From all the NhS staff and patients."


7th April 2020
As we reach what is often the most refreshing school holiday, we are faced with some of the most challenging circumstances our country has seen in recent times.

In our schools, we are doing our best to ensure opportunities for learning are always available on our website and continually brought up to date. We continue to keep Elston Hall open for our ‘Trust’ front line workers and vulnerable families. We have moved to use the Government Voucher Scheme for Free School Meal families to begin after Easter.

I am very grateful to staff from all our schools across the Trust who are contributing to these efforts alongside the personal concerns this brings.

We will continue to review our current procedures and ensure we reflect any national changes and expectations. We do ensure that our ‘school email’ is monitored daily so please use this as a way to keep in touch, ask questions and check things out. While each school’s website remains central in our communication with you all.

Our schools are missing their children, our teachers are too – we just hope like everyone else that we can be back to normal as soon as possible.

All staff in our Trust would join me in these sentiments - Where possible, we hope you are able to enjoy some of this Easter Holiday with your family.
Kevin Grayson

April 2020

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID 19 situation all educational visits and events have been cancelled for the rest of this academic year.

Text messages will be sent to the relevant year groups regarding refunds.