April 2018

Year 5 have been visiting Aldersley High School as part of our transition programme. They have been cooking - making cookies and pizza and bread. They will also be having French lessons. 








20th April 2018

Year 3 have had an exciting delivery. We have received 5 caterpillars in a pot, to look after. We are keeping a close watch, and doing lots of research to find out all about caring for them.

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Shannon has written our first diary entry.

The caterpillars had grown a bit bigger and there were more bits  at the  bottom. Four of them were at the top, one of them was at the bottom, lying down in a web.

On Wednesday 18th April, 8 girls from our netball squad took part in a High 5 girls’ netball tournament at Our Lady St Chad Catholic Academy. They played 7 games lasting 8 minutes each and rotated positions, meaning everyone had a go at different roles, including time keeping and keeping score! The girls played brilliantly and after winning 4 games, drawing 1 and losing 2, they came 3rd place overall! Well done girls!

All staff wish you a very happy Easter. Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing the children safely back at school on Monday 16th April.




Well done to our Pupils of the Spring Term! We are very proud of you!



March 2018

The children in Class 12 have been learning the ukulele this term.  They have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to learn this unusual but beautiful instrument. They were very proud of their learning, and enjoyed showcasing it for their parents. 


March 2018

On Thursday 15th March, Year 3 became Scientists for the day at the Big Bang Science Fair, at the NEC in Birmingham.
We always love being hands-on in our Science lessons, so this day was a fabulous opportunity for Year 3 to try new things and aspire to many different Science based careers. We couldn't believe how many different kinds of Science we saw!  Activities that day included carefully  controlling robots, looking at the best conditions for seed growth, exploring flooding using forces and energy and making hovercraft out of everyday things. We loved seeing the RAF jet and JCB diggers up close - they were huge!  

The day was full of challenges such as building a tower using marshmallows and spaghetti, lighting up a circuit successfully and creating a racing car to race against friends.  We all had a wonderfully busy and inspiring day and look forward to putting our Science knowledge to good use in our future learning. Thank you to Miss Knowles for organising the tickets for us!






March 2018

Year 4 enjoyed a unique school day this week, as we celebrated our Asia day. Children were invited to come dressed in Asian clothing or wear the colours of an Asian country's flag. We even had some children who drew the flags onto t-shirts. 
We started our morning by making Chinese flags and fortune cookies. We then danced our socks off in the hall to some Indian music, which we all enjoyed. 
After play we learnt about Rangoli patterns and the importance they have during Diwali. We even created our own designs on the playground using chalk. 
The highlight of our day was tasting Asian food including; rice, poppadums', chickpea curry, prawn crackers and chapattis. It was very tasty and lots of the children were trying food for the first time which was good to see. 
We hope all the children had a fantastic day celebrating our Geography topic of Asia. 




 March 2018

Well done to Isobelle who won the girl race, Millie who came second and Fred who won the boys. 
The boys team came second overall and the girls came second too.

Fantastic running - well done to all who participated!


March 2018

Tom from Living Streets joined us for our assembly today to introduce the 'Let's walk to school' initiative. It is a year round walk to school challenge that is going to start after Easter.  He  explained to us the importance of walking to school and the children contributed their ideas too, for example: it makes you healthier, it's good exercise, there will be less cars on the road and it'll be better for our environment. 

Tom then explained that from the summer term, children will have the opportunity to collect pin badges in the shape of Strider! Children will need to try and walk to school at least once a week all year and Tom told us an easy way to remember this.... WOW (walk once a week).

When children arrive at school, they will let teachers know how they came to school that day by clicking on the appropriate picture on the board which will then record the results. Lots of our children come to school on bikes, scooters and even buses which all count towards achieving a badge as it's healthier for our planet.