On the 13th and 14th March year 1 went to Weston Park to find out about Victorian Toys. We had a fantastic day! When we arrived we all dressed up in Victiorian clothes. Some of us were dressed as rich people, some of us were maids or butlers and some of us dressed as Victorian children. We learnt how Victorian people greeted each other- the boys would bow and girls would curtsey. We found out about a Victorian Houses- Did you know they only had a toilet at the bottom on the garden so they had to have a chamber pot under their bed at night?

We had a lot of fun exploring and playing with Victorian toys both indoors and outdoors.  We noticed that the toys were very different to the toys we mainly play with today. They did not have any iPad’s or any Lego! We were shocked to hear that lots of the toys we play with today were not played with because plastic had not even been invented yet! Victorian toys were mainly made from wood and string, they cost a lot of money and were made by hand not in factories like today. Some poor children even had to make their own toys and dolls from objects such as old brooms and socks because they could not afford to buy toys!


The children shared their thoughts on the Victorian toys they played with.

Chloe ‘ I enjoyed playing with the hobby horse, I liked galloping around’
Lucas ‘ I was the champion at skittles, I scored 9 points!’
Ellis ‘ I liked the tumbling monkey, it looked funny when it fell down’
Ethan- ‘The hoops were the best but it was tricky to control them’
Leela- ‘ I learnt how to play skipping games’
Evie- ‘ I liked the dolls house because it had lots of rooms’




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March 2018

Five Year 6 girls played in a  5 a-side football tournament at Wolves Dome, Compton, where they progressed from their group after only conceding one goal. They then went on to beat Wolverhampton Grammar in the semi final before being crowned champions after claiming victory against Villiers in the final.​

Well done girls!

Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, several Harry Potters and even Pippi Longstocking made an appearance at Elston Primary School during our World Book Day!  Children spent the week focusing on a particular author and shared their learning in a special World Book Day assembly!




Unfortunately, due to the school closure, we were unable to celebrate World Book Day on Friday.  We have rescheduled this event for Thursday 8th March.

Book Fair will not be on today - Monday 5th March. 

Letters to follow with new times.

School open as normal tomorrow - Monday 5th March.  

All staff wish you a very happy half term holiday. We look forward to seeing the children safely back at school on Monday 26th February.

February 2018

Well done to our Cross Country Team. Boys won the team event for the under 8 team and for the under 11 team. The girls won for the under 11 team.

Everyone ran well, especially in such cold conditions. It was great to see the excellent support from families!


February 2018

Year 5 had a fantastic day at RAF Cosford. This visit  supported our learning about the Battle of Britain in our history lessons. The children experienced what life was like for an RAF pilot during the war and got to see the spitfires and other aircraft.