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Learning At Home

Elston Hall Primary School is a Teaching School within The Elston Hall and St Bartholomew’s National Teaching School Alliance.

Elston Hall offers bespoke school to school support, covering all aspects of teaching and learning and raising standards, leadership, safeguarding and governance.

Support is provided by our National Leader of Education (NLE), Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), or other identified outstanding professionals relevant to your field of support need.

Additionally, details of CPD courses offered by The Alliance can be found at

For more information contact Mrs Bridget Highman at Elston Hall on 01902 558866, or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Elston Hall and St Bartholomew's Teaching School Alliance is collaborating with a third teaching school in the city to offer new teachers extra support as they embark on their first year leading a classroom.

Elston Hall Primary, St Bartholomew’s CE Primary and Manor Primary are combining their expertise and experience in this area to offer the programme to teachers who have recently qualified as a Newly Qualified Teacher.

The programme will include the chance to see ‘live’ lessons being taught across the three Teaching Schools and a 5-session teaching and learning programme to ensure NQTs are delivering consistently Good and Outstanding lessons. 

Support will be tailored for the teachers as required and advice will also be given to schools regarding areas of concern.

The collaboration will also officially register the NQTs and give training to school-based tutors and mentors.

New teachers will be welcomed to the programme which opens with a conference later this year.  They will also have the opportunity to liaise with other NQTs as they progress through the programme.

The programme is tailored to feed into other training offered by the Teaching Schools supporting ‘Recently Qualified teachers’ and their journey towards Leadership.

All three establishments are Nationally Accredited Teaching Schools with proven track records of supporting teachers at every stage of their professional journeys.  

Andrew Warren, Executive Director of Manor Teaching School and Chair of the Teaching Schools Council, said: “This is an exciting time for NQTs in Wolverhampton, and those beyond the border. The three schools have a shared philosophy and have pooled their expertise together for the benefit of newly appointed teachers.  This is a great opportunity for new teachers to witness Outstanding teaching, observe and work with Outstanding teachers and then be supported to put it into practice in their own classrooms.”