Monday 11th December 2017

School will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 12th December).
Please wrap children up in hats, gloves and scarfs as well as waterproof outdoor shoes. We would also ask that children bring 'indoor' shoes to change into, or they can use their school pumps. 
Thank you for your support with today's closure, please travel carefully and we will see you all tomorrow.

Edward the Elder, Elston Hall, Goldthorn Park and Palmers Cross Schools will all be open on Tuesday 12th December 2017.



Useful information can be found below.
If you have any queries or concerns and are unsure of who to approach, please see Mrs Dawn Cooper.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must not be brought into school.  Should there be a particular reason why a mobile would be needed on the way to and from school, please arrange an appointment with your child's teacher to discuss this.  Please work with us on this to help keep our children safe online!




Hoax Bomb Calls

Please click on the link below to see the letter from West Midlands Police regarding recent Hoax Bomb Calls.




Equality Objective 2015/2016

To improve accessibility for our SEND children to effective learning areas. Therefore rates of progress and personal targets will be improved.

Statutory Assessments for 2016


The Year 2 SATS will be taking place during the week 16th – 20th May 2016. 

Year 6 will be 9th—13th May. 

It is vital that ALL children in these year groups attend school on these weeks. 

 The Phonics screening tests for Year 1 (and some Year 2) will be held during week beginning 13th June.

Merit Assemblies

The celebration of achievement lies at the heart of all we do and we believe there are many aspects of a child's development to be celebrated.
We hold weekly 'Merit Assemblies' when parents are warmly invited to attend to see their child receive a certificate for their achievements.
Awards are given to children who have impressed staff through either daily work, attitude to learning or achievement and progress.
You will receive a letter and text if your child has been chosen!


Children from Year 1 to Year 6 will have the opportunity to complete homework in a fun and creative way.

Tasks will include reading, writing, numeracy and topic activities related to what we have been learning in class. Children can only use one double page each time, so they will need to be creative in how they use the page! Envelopes, different kinds of paper, folding and different types of pens can and should be used! If children need resources that they don't have at home, teachers will be happy to help.

We hope children have fun and parents have the opportunity to share in their child's learning.