Welcome to Nursery.  We hope you had a great summer holiday. 

Applications for Elston Hall Reception should be made through Wolverhampton city council as  attendance at Elston Hall Nursery does not guarantee a place in the Reception year.

For more details about our learning this term click on the Autumn Term Curriculum Overview.

Aims of Nursery
* To create a caring and inviting environment in which the child’s own efforts and independence is supported and celebrated, enabling children to develop a sense of belonging.

* To offer a variety of learning opportunities, that are both fun and intellectually stimulating and in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters Framework.
* To develop a partnership with parents and families that will help staff understand the individual needs of the child.
* To promote an inclusive environment where individual needs are recognised and respected and the diversity of children’s experiences is valued and integral to their development.
Nursery Sessions
Morning session      8.45 am  -  11.45 am   Afternoon session   12.30 pm  -  3.30 pm


Photos From 2017/2018


  Practising for Sports Day!

May 2018

Children were able to develop a greater understanding of their immediate environment and local area by visiting the local shops. They walked in small groups to a local shop to buy some fruit and vegetables. Children have been encouraged to develop a greater awareness of the different roles that people have and how they effect us.


Children dressed up and enjoyed a royal picnic to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!



Nursery children enjoyed a Christmas trip on the Severn Valley Railway. We caught the train from Kidderminster and travelled to Highley. The carriages on the train were colourfully decorated and we sang Christmas songs and played bells as an accompaniment.  We passed by the safari park and saw elephants, rhinoceros, and Santa’s reindeers!  Everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch, which was interrupted by a man in a bright red suit and a long white beard. He gave a present to all the children. A fun day!

 Enjoying Children In Need Fund Raising Day!