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Kingswood Residential - Year 2 - 2018

Kingswood Residential


Year 2 will be enjoying a residential trip to Kingswood, nr Albrighton between 2nd and 5th July 2018.

See below for exciting updates during our visit.

It's a beautiful morning at Kingswood... all the children are still fast asleep but they won't be for long! Breakfast at 8.15am

Hot chocolate and biscuit before bed!

Having fun indoors after a busy afternoon outside!

Ethan L " Although a wasp stung me today, I am still having a great time. Miss Maguire gave me a hug and a biscuit for being so brave!"





Liam caught a fantastic adult newt while pond dipping "I was so surprised because I've never seen anything like it!"

We found loads of newts!


We've learnt the difference between male and female newts.

Do you know the difference?

The male has the bigger spots!

Carmelya - "This is the best trip ever!"

Corey - " I loved designing our den, I think I did most of it actually. It's been a really fun day!"


Adventure ropes, zip line, feeding the sheep and blindfold rope walk this morning. We've just had a lovely lunch with a delicious chocolate cake for pudding! Lola, Arjun, Brody,  and Olivia thought it was the best cake in the world!



On the blindfold walk Rhia and her partner were able to give each other fantastic, clear instructions and completed the course quickly!

Arjun -  " It was funny when we tripped over and Ashton laughed so much he needed the loo!"


 Milly about the zip-wire - "I was a little bit scared before but then I had a go and it wasn't scary anymore"

Marli - "It was like being in my favourite TV show, because Tarzan swings through the trees"

Connor has super table manners during lunch and used his knife and fork perfectly!


Group 1 set off first on our minibus and group 2 are finally off! Thank you to our lovely parents for helping us load the cases onto the minibus! We are really excited and looking forward to the day!