Welcome back to the summer term! We are looking forward to lots of learning and exciting times ahead as we start the climb to year 5!

We will begin the final term learning about natural art forms in art, also designing and creating our own. Continuing from the autumn term, we will be revisiting the Anglo Saxon era, learning about their laws and justice system, followed by the battle of Hastings. We will end the term with structures in DT and geography will continue to be based around Asia, focusing specifically on how humans can affect an environment.

In English, we will begin by practising our play script writing, we look forward to seeing the children become play scriptwriters and actors! In addition, following a very successful story writing unit last term, we will be writing stories with dilemmas. As mathematicians in Year 4, the children will continue to build upon the skills taught them so far. This will include the four rules of subtraction, addition, multiplication and division, both mentally and on paper. Children will continue their learning on converting measurements before looking at perimeter and area later in the term. In Science this term, the children will move onto our final topic of ‘living things and their habitats.’ We will also be completing workshops at Aldersley High school.

For more details about our learning this term click on the Summer Term Overview.

Not forgetting our residential to Cowny in a couple of weeks to look forward to! Lasts years trip was very successful and we have no doubt that this year will live up to everyone’s expectations!

PE days in Year 4 will continue to be:
Thursday/Friday Class 13
Wednesday/Thursday Class 14
Tuesday/Wednesday Class 15

Can we remind you that the PE kit is: white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps; all jewellery should be removed. As the summer months approach, it would be sensible to have indoor and outdoor kits in school depending on the weather and the activities the children are taking part in.

Later in the summer, the children will be able to complete Bike-ability workshops.

Spellings will continue to be given out during our phonics sessions, which will then be tested the following Monday, as well as from their class teacher on a Friday for the following Friday – these are age related.
Children are still expected to complete their home reading journals after reading their book. The support sheets are there to guide the children in completing a more detailed piece of writing. Our expectations continue to be high and require work of high quality in order for them to make progress in reading.
‘Purple book' homework will continue this term. Please try and encourage your children to complete the homework, as not all children complete homework regularly.
This will continue to be given on a Friday and due in 12 days later on the Wednesday.

As ever, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



May 2018

Year 4 have had a wonderful experience at Aldersley High School learning about cells and acids. The pupils participated in a range of activities.

Classes 13 and 15 enjoyed their trip to Aldersley today. Both classes enjoyed carrying out science experiments. Class 13 were able to use the microscopes to look at onion cells. Class 15 looked at how metals react with certain acids. 

Well done to Rithik, Kai, Zaara and Katelyn  who participated in the Year 4 Mathematics Challenge at Wolverhampton Girls' High School! Our four mathematicians enjoyed mental challenges and logical problems whilst competing against 70 other teams! We are still awaiting official results but are extremely proud of the effort and focus of them all!



March 2018

This afternoon Year 4 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in a fencing workshop. The children enjoyed learning the techniques required within the sport.



Year 4 Asia Day

March 2018

Year 4 enjoyed a unique school day this week, as we celebrated our Asia day. Children were invited to come dressed in Asian clothing or wear the colours of an Asian country's flag. We even had some children who drew the flags onto t-shirts. 
We started our morning by making Chinese flags and fortune cookies. We then danced our socks off in the hall to some Indian music, which we all enjoyed. 
After play we learnt about Rangoli patterns and the importance they have during Diwali. We even created our own designs on the playground using chalk. 
The highlight of our day was tasting Asian food including; rice, poppadums', chickpea curry, prawn crackers and chapattis. It was very tasty and lots of the children were trying food for the first time which was good to see. 
We hope all the children had a fantastic day celebrating our Geography topic of Asia. 





Please click on the link below for the powerpoint from the parents meeting on 27th November about Year 4's residential to Conwy.

Information about Conwy

January 2018

Year 4 welcomed the Fire service to inform us about fire safety. We learnt what we should do to prevent a fire such as fitting smoke alarms and closing our doors when we go to bed. Also we learnt what to do if we were in a situation where fire was present. 




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