Conwy Residential - Year 4 - 2018

Year 4 are visiting Conwy from Monday 30th April to Wednesday 2nd May

See below for updates during our visit. 

Dont forget to visit regularly for updates. 

Our final day...

We had a much better nights sleep and plenty of rest which is good because we had lots of walking to do today.

Once we had packed all of things, including the lost property shop Miss Hubble was sorting, it was time to walk into Conwy.

We went to the smallest house in Britain. The children enjoyed climbing the tiny ladders and seeing the bedroom of the owner. They could not believe a 6ft man had previously lived there.

Next it was time to say ‘cheese’ by the Conwy buoy. We couldn’t believe our luck with the weather today and for our entire trip. We haven’t got wet once! 

The children are coming home with all sorts from the gift shop (we hope you are ready for swords, balls and slime) and are very happy with their purchases.

Conwy Castle was our last destination. The views were incredible and we loved going inside all the little passages.

We are all on our way home now, we are very tired but full of memories to last a lifetime.

I will take this opportunity to thank the children for a brilliant few days. They should be extremely proud of themselves for their exemplary behaviour. We have had members of the public and youth hostel staff commenting on their good behaviour.

Thanks to parents and staff for supporting the trip and we hope the children have had a fantastic time!

A brilliant trip all round!

Well done Year 4!

Mrs Tromans and team

















A bit wet this morning but we are looking forward to our walk into Conwy.

Written by Matilda, Amelia, Megan, Travis, Leah, Aiden and Courtney.

An early start for some (5:30AM!!!) but most of us had a nice lie in until half 7. Breakfast time was enjoyable because we had a full English breakfast as well as cereal and fruit. It was delicious!

Today’s destination was Llandudno where we split off into two groups for the day. The Great Orme tramway was fantastic with some incredible views over the bay. It was very windy on top of the Orme but we managed to stay dry today.

Half way up the Orme, was the Great Orme Copper Mine. We learnt about how they extracted malachite and turned it into copper. It was very dark underground and cramped. Some of us were a little scared at first but really enjoyed the experience. Our helmets protected our heads as we travelled 25m below the ground. We could not believe it when they said children as young as us were miners in the Bronze Age.

At the top of the Orme, you could see a wonderful view of Conwy. Group 1 were able to have their lunch at the top but poor Khloey had her sandwich taken by the nasty seagulls. Poor Rhyley was in the path of the seagull. We were allowed on the park, which was very fun. Mrs Suwali and Mrs Tromans should not be such big kids because they were stuck on the slide, which made us all laugh.

On the pier, it was a lot sunnier and less windy which was nice. We walked along the whole pier until finally we were at the arcade. We had lots of fun playing on the different games. Some of us spent too many pennies so the teachers are hoping we still have enough for the gift shop. The ticket monster enjoyed munching on our tickets that we had won and then we could convert these into prizes.

Before we left, we enjoyed an ice cream but had to hide away from those annoying seagulls.

Finally, a group picture by the sea completed our jam packed, fun-filled day.