Conwy Residential - Year 4 - 2018

Year 4 are visiting Conwy from Monday 30th April to Wednesday 2nd May

See below for updates during our visit. 

Dont forget to visit regularly for updates. 

Seagulls swooping, hoping to get our lunch!














Birthday girl enjoying her breakfast!



The sun is shining - can't wait for today!

Written by Devar, Jack, Tristan and Adam

We started our residential with a long coach journey up to Conwy, coach 1 were lucky enough to have a film on their coach. We were able to sit by our friends and enjoyed looking at the scenery on the way. 

Eventually, we arrived at the Welsh Mountain Zoo. We ate our lunch first because we were starving. There were many animals for us to enjoy. Adam’s favourite was the monkey climbing the fence, Tristan’s favourite was the lemurs where we got to walk with them and see them close up. Jack’s favourite was the big chimpanzee and Devar’s favourite were the sea lions. 

Not only did we see all the animals, as it has been a beautiful day with the sun shining we were able to go on the park. We enjoyed being monkeys swinging on the climbing frames but best of all was the massive slides from one park to another. 

Back on the coach and off to the Youth Hostel we went. 

Excitedly, we waited to enter our rooms and explore them with our friends.  Once we had unpacked, it was time for us to explore the gardens and play. Unexpectedly, we were allowed to teach our teachers the floss dance craze. Miss Hancock and Miss Hubble were the best and learnt very quickly however; Mrs Tromans and Mrs Suwali need a lot more practice! 

Next, it was dinnertime; we all enjoyed our dinners and loved our puddings. We have just had a shower (we no longer smell) and are now waiting for our yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

We have had a fantastic day and cannot wait for tomorrow. Our teachers are hoping for a restful night too.