Brecon Beacons


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Brecon Beacons Residential - 2018

Brecon Beacons

Year 6 will be enjoying a residential trip to Brecon Beacons between 11th and 15th June 2018.

See below for exciting updates during our visit.

Today, we woke up really early because most of us were so excited for the day. Our sleep was a bit noisy and cold because of the wind that night, but most of us still had a good night’s sleep. Once we had got up, we brushed our teeth and got dressed so that we were ready for breakfast. IT WAS VERY YUMMY! 
Then it was time for our first activity .But also we were put into groups .All the groups had fun tasks to complete.
E.g. Raft building, night lining, gladiator, mission impossible, zip wire, kata bush. Quite a few of us ended up in the lake and we were soaked!
Rolo (our Village manager) even chucked a jug of cold water over Mrs Howell but we got him back for her!
Well overall, today has been great but we can’t believe we are actually leaving tomorrow already! 
We are sooooo excited for our last few activities to do before we leave!
By Tegan, Georgia, Mya and Sienna

Chilling with a cuppa and hot chocolate after dinner while writing the blog. It'll be with you soon!











Celebrations after a successful raft team building exercise!


What are you doing Jayden?


Melvin and Lewis



Tegan and Ruby at the top!



  Yussuf securing the barrel to their raft.







Group 1 on the Night Line



  Group2 on the zip wire


Don't look down Jayden!


  So close to 100 points, Charlie. Just missed the bucket!


And the loudest scream goes to.....Melvin AAAAAARRRRRGH!!

Day 1

Today was our first day at Brecon Beacons Acorn adventure this is our recount of all the exiting things we have been doing.

The coach journey

This was very long and tiring, most people taking their beauty sleep. It took over two hours as we had to travel all the way from school in Wolverhampton to the campsite in South Wales. 

When we got there

 We ate our lunch and said our goodbyes to our friends in group 1. Some of us exchanged spoilers of what we would be doing at camp/school. Once group 1 had left us to our fun, we were given a tour of our village by our village leader Rolo. After having a little play we were told our bunk roommates for two nights, most of us bunking with our dearest friends.


We got sorted into smaller groups; group 1 attempted the zip wire challenge where going down the zip wire we had to try and throw a ball into a bucket and also they did a gladiator challenge where they raced each other on a hanging obstacle course. Both of these activities were scary and fun at the same time. Group two learned how to light a fire using flint and steel, build a shelter capable of shielding bad weather, Katabush (canoeing and bush craft) and also learnt how to survive in the wild. Group three did a night line which is where they have to find their way around but they cannot see. They also did a mission impossible type thing where they had to stop a gas bomb from exploding.

Our lunch was made up of mac &cheese for mains and angel delight, both of which were complimented.

Evening activity

After dinner, Rolo ( our villager leader ) challenged us to a snapchat challenge where we were had taken photos of us doing a certain action .There were four groups the winner being Mrs Fosters first , there was a tie between them and Mrs Howell’s group.

End of day

We are having some extra free time before going to bed; we can’t wait for tomorrow.

By Bradley, Taylah and Jasmine with help from Melvin

Group 1 on Gladiator


Group 3 attempting Mission Impossible

Group1 ready for the zip wire!


Group 3 on the Night Line



Good bye Brecon Beacons - we have had an amazing few days!!