Monday 11th December 2017

School will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 12th December).
Please wrap children up in hats, gloves and scarfs as well as waterproof outdoor shoes. We would also ask that children bring 'indoor' shoes to change into, or they can use their school pumps. 
Thank you for your support with today's closure, please travel carefully and we will see you all tomorrow.

Edward the Elder, Elston Hall, Goldthorn Park and Palmers Cross Schools will all be open on Tuesday 12th December 2017.

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Welcome to Elston Hall - Year 6

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Upcoming Events - Year 6


14-Dec-2017 9:00 am - 9:20 am

PE Days

Class 19 and 21 Wednesdays and Fridays

Class 20 Mondays and Thursdays


Mrs J Howell (Year Group Leader) 

Mr R Holmes

Mrs R Purshouse



Welcome back to the second half of the autumn term. We hope that you had a fantastic holiday and look forward to hearing all about your children’s adventures!

 In year 6, your children will initially continue to be taught in their own class and will be grouped by ability, ensuring that work is set at the correct level. Children will receive a spellings session where they will be tested on words required in the Year 6 curriculum. Children will also receive Guided Reading sessions twice a week, with an opportunity to continue their reading for pleasure during these sessions. We will continue to focus on developing handwriting, which will be taught in an individual lesson once a week.

Our PE sessions will usually be held as follows:
Class 19 – Wednesdays and Fridays
Class 20 – Mondays and Thursdays
Class 21 – Wednesdays and Fridays
Please be aware that these sessions may be flexible, therefore children need a PE kit (consisting of black shorts, a white top and pumps) in school at all times. Please can we remind parents that no jewellery should be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn on PE days. Children may be asked to remove earrings before PE sessions. It is advisable to clearly label all of your child’s uniform with their name to prevent lost property confusion.

Children in Year 6 receive regular homework: purple creative homework books will be continued and spellings will be given out. Spellings will be tested weekly on Thursdays and children will receive their new spellings at the end of this day.

We have some fantastic topics planned for Year 6 this year and this term we will initially be studying North America in Geography and researching the wide variety of biomes that can be found in this region. In Art, we will be linking again to North America through research in to mood boards and linking this to the fantastic variety of colourful landscapes that can be found on this continent.

For more details about our learning this term please CLICK HERE

We look forward to working with you over the next year to ensure your children have a pleasurable and valuable year. Year 6 is a very important year and we look forward to excellent progress being made.  If you have any concerns or worries, please arrange a time to speak to one of us, as you play a vital role in your child’s education.