Monday 11th December 2017

School will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 12th December).
Please wrap children up in hats, gloves and scarfs as well as waterproof outdoor shoes. We would also ask that children bring 'indoor' shoes to change into, or they can use their school pumps. 
Thank you for your support with today's closure, please travel carefully and we will see you all tomorrow.

Edward the Elder, Elston Hall, Goldthorn Park and Palmers Cross Schools will all be open on Tuesday 12th December 2017.

Residential TripsYear 6 - Edale - June 2017


Year 6 - Edale Residential Blog - June 2017

Please find below blog updates on our Year 6 residential to Edale

The residential trip is taking place week commencing 5th June 2017.

Group 1: 5th June to 7th June

Group 2: 7th June to 9th June

The blog will be updated regularly so please keep visiting the site to see what Year 6 are getting up to during their visit.

Group 2 Day 2 Good Night!

By Kai and Joe

We went and had some amazing dinner we had Pizza, mini jacket potato and a side with either spaghetti or salad. Then we went to go to on a walk; it was horrible because it started to rain when we started to walk, and we got soaked. Sarah decided to jump in the puddles and got everyone dirty and wet. 

We have just had hot Chocolate (or tea) and biscuits so now we are off to bed good night. 

P.S. We’re sorry for the short blog but we’re feeling pretty tired.






Group 2 Day 2





By Sarah and Evie

Well, us, Edalers, are now spending our second day here at Edale . And we have done various activities throughout the day, which were:                   
Arts and Crafts, where we made badges , jewellery, and pictures ; Archery, where lucky people were  able to pop a balloon or two;  then we walked to the gift shop (that wasn’t  too far) to buy souvenirs like: slime, stationery, teddies, flashlights (with names and quotes).You know, the shop also sold much more!
The food was DELICIOUS! Wait, not just delicious , but heavenly !!!! Thanks to the generous chef, Nina (Mrs Wall’s sister ). 
Anyway, gotta run now for the evening walk. Oh, we can’t miss our free time. We need all the time we have to clean our rooms!




Group 2 Day 2 Morning Blog

By Leo and Ellie

Last night was so weird in a way; being in a total different environment, we did not expect the mattress to be so comfortable (for some of us anyway).Most of us got to sleep reasonably well, however others struggled to finally drift off.
This morning we were woken up at quarter past 7 and most of us were not used to being up and at it so early. After we had got washed and changed we went down to breakfast where we were served toast and cereal (yummy)!
After that we were sorted into three different groups each doing different activities which were: fencing, free time and a walk to the post office where we could buy chocolate and sweets.
The fencing was cool: we got to use real metal swords! We learnt the basics of the sport and then we got to fight each other.
When we walked to the post office to buy our sweet treats, we had to walk through lots of muddy field and farms. In the farm we spotted lots of sheep and lambs.
In the free time some of us enjoyed the fun of playing hide and seek, ping pong and just relaxing with friends. Whereas others preferred to just read a book.
Once each group had finished our activities it was time to have lunch where we enjoyed: sandwiches, crisps, a selection of fruit, chocolate and a refreshing cup of squash.







Group 2 Day 1 Evening Blog

By Holly and Jake

We just had dinner, and then it was straight into circus skills. We were sorted into 2 groups: group 1 went into circus skills, whilst group 2 had some free time. Group 1 started with juggling – first with two balls, then three. After that, it was the diablo practise: a spinning, hourglass-looking object on some strings (it looks more interesting than it sounds). We also had a go at balancing some plates on sticks, as well as a go with some rhythm sticks and cigar boxes (well, that’s what they were called – they were actually just plastic boxes). Then, it was time for the ‘dangerous wobbly things’! Stilts, unicycles, you name it – and everyone had a go. Unfortunately, the time flew by and before we knew it, our hour and a half was over! Now for group 2…
Well there were many tense ping-pong matches but luckily, there were no bad incidents! Also, in the soft grass, the boys were having a fun game of football (you could hear them from a mile away!). I (Jake) was in group 2, and it was pretty much the same as Holly’s experience. When we came out, we had to have a shower, due to our… sweaty condition.
Then, we had some free time! A beanbag burst, so we had to clean that up, and during group 2’s session, Mr. Holmes had a workout session (with volunteers!). After all that hard work, we were given some hot chocolate and a biscuit – yum! Here we are now, writing this blog. Soon, we’ll clean our teeth and go to bed! Goodnight, everyone!





Group 2 Day 1 Blog

Molly and Ellie H.

Wow, what a journey we saw so many amazing views! Mr Holmes joined group two (the better group) on the second trip.  He also played games with us on the two-hour journey such as: 21, don’t show your teeth and he also chatted our ears off. When we got to Edale, the driver dropped our coach off at the bottom of a hill, what a walk! The centre was full of suitcases by the time we got there as group one were just about to leave. After walking up the hill we went into the conservatory and ate our lunches from home.  Fortunately, we did get to spend some time with our friends from group one outside.
Before they left, we sang Happy Birthday to Sarah (as it’s her birthday) we got skittles and lolly-pops! Then it was time for group one to go. We got to spend more time out on the field until we were called into the common room to learn  all of the rules and which rooms we were staying in for the three days. We checked out our rooms then started to unpack. After we left, we went on a 1.5 hour walk up the hills….. it was tiring. After our long walk we were all covered in sheep poo and headed home for our tea: chicken nuggets and chips with the choice of a side which were rice, peas and sweetcorn…..mmmmmm.






Group 1 Day 3 Goodbye Edale!

By Kyia M and Kia H

At the beginning of another  lovely morning at Edale, we had an  another early start and we made our way down to  the dining room where we had cereal ( frosties, cornflakes, rice crispies ) , toast , beans , orange juice , blackcurrant and orange squash. Then we packed our suitcases, tidied our rooms, and vacuumed the room to get rid of rubbish.
We came down and put our suitcases and backpacks in the conservatory, to be ready to go in the coach when it arrives.
 We have been split into groups of three where are will be doing indoor rock climbing, whilst we waited had free time and the centre’s gift shop was opened.
Whilst we were purchasing items from the gift shop, we played table tennis in the conservatory. Because Edale group 2 need rooms, our rooms have been cleaned out and fresh bedding was applied and we  have been asked to stay out of the rooms so  that Edale group 2 will be welcomed with nice and clean rooms. I think we will all miss Edale and probably wish we could come back.


Day 2 Evening Blog

By Olivia T and Tiannah T

After enjoying our delicious meal and the company of Mr Grayson, Miss Clarkson and Lee, we had free time until a special surprise activity…
In our spare time, we relaxed in the common room as well as playing fun games such as:
Hide and seek
Table tennis
Anticipating our special surprise!


Eventually the bell rang and everyone rushed to the common room. Then we went into the hall… bright lights flashed around… music boomed in our ears… teachers danced around the decks wildly as they just didn’t care… and children’s jaws dropped to the floor in shock and excitement… it was mayhem!!! Everyone bopped, whipped, dabbed, and dropped – even the teachers! Everyone was copying Harry D’s dancing – he commented it was because his dance moves were the best in the place! In addition, to top off the evening, everyone joined in for the cha cha slide until we lost the internet connection – UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweating, red–faced and out–of–breath, we all made our way to the shower to wash our hair.

We finally settled down and drank warm hot chocolate accompanied by a chocolate digestive. And then we were ready for bed!!! 10:00 – LIGHTS OUT!

Group 1 Day 2 Blog 2

 by  Neve and Christie 

Cobs with fillings of: ham, cheese and jam – they were the options for our lunch. Yum!
Lunch gobbled and in our stomach, we started to settle down as Miss Archer began her countdown and we waited patiently until we were all sorted into our groups.
After our delicious lunch, depending which group we were in (1, 2 or 3), we headed to our next activity: (Group 1- archery, Group 2- The Visit Centre and Group 3- Craft room) .
Some incredible art skills shined through as we headed off to the craft room and made…
In addition, for archery, lots of people ‘hit the bullseye’ – literally! Well Done!
Although they were good at archery, Miss Archer (WINK, WINK) was surely the best!
 As well as archery and getting our hands messy in the craft room, we visited The Visitors Centre - which was only a 1-minute walk, but it felt like longer due to the miserable weather. There we brought many souvenirs to capture our amazing memories.
For our last dinner at Edale, we had: chicken nuggets, rice, peas and sweetcorn and a side of some delectable chips.
Pudding was just as nice: we had ice-cream with jelly, silver sweets and wafers.
Now we’re here, writing this blog!



Group 1 Day 2

By Oliver and Jenna

This morning when we got up we brushed our teeth (yawn). It was a lovely sleep.  We had a delicious breakfast: cereal, jam on toast or you could have beans on toast – yum yum! After our breakfast, we got dressed and had 15 minutes free time. We played hide and seek, ping-pong and chilled in the common room, which was so much fun. Then we went to fencing. In Fencing, we learnt how to block,   learnt different skills, and we even got to have a battle! After fencing, we went on a walk to the shop to get some treats. When we went to the shop, we bought sweets and drinks but it was freezing cold and raining so we didn’t have an ice-cream. Nevermind, the sweets were yummy. Now to wait for our lovely lunch before starting our afternoon activities!






Group 1 Evening Blog

By Jack and Graham

The circus begins…

First, we spilt into two groups. The first group headed off to circus skills, whereas the other group had free time. As soon as we entered circus skills, we participated in many different things such as juggling, plate spinning, stilt walking, unicycle riding and much more! After our time doing fun skills, we had time to explore the centre. We did many things in our free time. TIME TO CHILL! After our ’hard day’s work’ we relaxed in a long, warm shower and after, we played ping pong (YET AGAIN), whilst the lazy ones  stayed in their room or relaxed in the common room chillin’ in our tv/beanbag fun area waiting to devour our hot chocolate. 

9:45 came! YES!

Hot chocolate and chocolate digestives YUM. As we filled up our stomachs ready for bed, we had a long chat with our mates ready for the long day ahead tomorrow – cannot wait!

Night x




Group 1 Day 1

Yay! We have Wi-Fi!

Here are photos from today!







Day 1 Group 1 Blog

By Hayley C and Bethany B

To start with, we headed onto the coach, full of excitement as our adventures had just begun. Our coach ride was around two hours long but to all of us it seemed like FOREVER!! When we finally arrived on the bottom of the hill, we all were ready to walk up the hill and explore the place we would be staying at for the next couple of days. When we came into The Peak Centre, we had to go into the conservatory where we ate our lunch – nom, nom, nom.

It was the moment we had all been waiting for- the moment where we had all found out which room we would be sleeping in. It turned out we all had to make our own beds, which quite a lot of people struggled with!

After that, we went on the most exhausting walk in the world. It was POURING down with rain, while we were walking there was quite a lot of sheep and some other animals; because there was a lot of sheep there was piles and piles of poo. As there was rain and mud, we started to slip and slide and it became a muddy and dirty experience. After a long walk, we came back to the centre looking like we had a mud bath (technically we did). Then we had to change our wet and dirty clothes as they were so uncomfortable. Then… we relaxed and waited to be called for our dinner.

Finally, we were called for our dinner –YAY! Oliver and the boys were clicking their fingers to Miss Taylor  and saying ‘waitress’. Guess you are wondering what we ate?... PIZZA!!!! And jacket potatoes, with a choice of spaghetti or salad – it was delicious! After we had desert which was a marble cake and an option of custard with the cake.

After, we got split into two groups for circus skills.

Hopefully we will be able to upload some photos soon but we have been having difficulty getting Wi-Fi signal! 

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