Residential TripsYear 6 - Edale - June 2017


Year 6 - Edale Residential Blog - June 2017

By Oliver and Jenna

This morning when we got up we brushed our teeth (yawn). It was a lovely sleep.  We had a delicious breakfast: cereal, jam on toast or you could have beans on toast – yum yum! After our breakfast, we got dressed and had 15 minutes free time. We played hide and seek, ping-pong and chilled in the common room, which was so much fun. Then we went to fencing. In Fencing, we learnt how to block,   learnt different skills, and we even got to have a battle! After fencing, we went on a walk to the shop to get some treats. When we went to the shop, we bought sweets and drinks but it was freezing cold and raining so we didn’t have an ice-cream. Nevermind, the sweets were yummy. Now to wait for our lovely lunch before starting our afternoon activities!






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