Residential TripsYear 6 - Edale - June 2017


Year 6 - Edale Residential Blog - June 2017

By Kyia M and Kia H

At the beginning of another  lovely morning at Edale, we had an  another early start and we made our way down to  the dining room where we had cereal ( frosties, cornflakes, rice crispies ) , toast , beans , orange juice , blackcurrant and orange squash. Then we packed our suitcases, tidied our rooms, and vacuumed the room to get rid of rubbish.
We came down and put our suitcases and backpacks in the conservatory, to be ready to go in the coach when it arrives.
 We have been split into groups of three where are will be doing indoor rock climbing, whilst we waited had free time and the centre’s gift shop was opened.
Whilst we were purchasing items from the gift shop, we played table tennis in the conservatory. Because Edale group 2 need rooms, our rooms have been cleaned out and fresh bedding was applied and we  have been asked to stay out of the rooms so  that Edale group 2 will be welcomed with nice and clean rooms. I think we will all miss Edale and probably wish we could come back.


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