Residential TripsYear 6 - Edale - June 2017


Year 6 - Edale Residential Blog - June 2017

Molly and Ellie H.

Wow, what a journey we saw so many amazing views! Mr Holmes joined group two (the better group) on the second trip.  He also played games with us on the two-hour journey such as: 21, don’t show your teeth and he also chatted our ears off. When we got to Edale, the driver dropped our coach off at the bottom of a hill, what a walk! The centre was full of suitcases by the time we got there as group one were just about to leave. After walking up the hill we went into the conservatory and ate our lunches from home.  Fortunately, we did get to spend some time with our friends from group one outside.
Before they left, we sang Happy Birthday to Sarah (as it’s her birthday) we got skittles and lolly-pops! Then it was time for group one to go. We got to spend more time out on the field until we were called into the common room to learn  all of the rules and which rooms we were staying in for the three days. We checked out our rooms then started to unpack. After we left, we went on a 1.5 hour walk up the hills….. it was tiring. After our long walk we were all covered in sheep poo and headed home for our tea: chicken nuggets and chips with the choice of a side which were rice, peas and sweetcorn…..mmmmmm.






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