Residential TripsYear 6 - Edale - June 2017


Year 6 - Edale Residential Blog - June 2017

By Holly and Jake

We just had dinner, and then it was straight into circus skills. We were sorted into 2 groups: group 1 went into circus skills, whilst group 2 had some free time. Group 1 started with juggling – first with two balls, then three. After that, it was the diablo practise: a spinning, hourglass-looking object on some strings (it looks more interesting than it sounds). We also had a go at balancing some plates on sticks, as well as a go with some rhythm sticks and cigar boxes (well, that’s what they were called – they were actually just plastic boxes). Then, it was time for the ‘dangerous wobbly things’! Stilts, unicycles, you name it – and everyone had a go. Unfortunately, the time flew by and before we knew it, our hour and a half was over! Now for group 2…
Well there were many tense ping-pong matches but luckily, there were no bad incidents! Also, in the soft grass, the boys were having a fun game of football (you could hear them from a mile away!). I (Jake) was in group 2, and it was pretty much the same as Holly’s experience. When we came out, we had to have a shower, due to our… sweaty condition.
Then, we had some free time! A beanbag burst, so we had to clean that up, and during group 2’s session, Mr. Holmes had a workout session (with volunteers!). After all that hard work, we were given some hot chocolate and a biscuit – yum! Here we are now, writing this blog. Soon, we’ll clean our teeth and go to bed! Goodnight, everyone!





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