Residential TripsYear 6 - Edale - June 2017


Year 6 - Edale Residential Blog - June 2017

By Leo and Ellie

Last night was so weird in a way; being in a total different environment, we did not expect the mattress to be so comfortable (for some of us anyway).Most of us got to sleep reasonably well, however others struggled to finally drift off.
This morning we were woken up at quarter past 7 and most of us were not used to being up and at it so early. After we had got washed and changed we went down to breakfast where we were served toast and cereal (yummy)!
After that we were sorted into three different groups each doing different activities which were: fencing, free time and a walk to the post office where we could buy chocolate and sweets.
The fencing was cool: we got to use real metal swords! We learnt the basics of the sport and then we got to fight each other.
When we walked to the post office to buy our sweet treats, we had to walk through lots of muddy field and farms. In the farm we spotted lots of sheep and lambs.
In the free time some of us enjoyed the fun of playing hide and seek, ping pong and just relaxing with friends. Whereas others preferred to just read a book.
Once each group had finished our activities it was time to have lunch where we enjoyed: sandwiches, crisps, a selection of fruit, chocolate and a refreshing cup of squash.







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