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By Sarah and Evie

Well, us, Edalers, are now spending our second day here at Edale . And we have done various activities throughout the day, which were:                   
Arts and Crafts, where we made badges , jewellery, and pictures ; Archery, where lucky people were  able to pop a balloon or two;  then we walked to the gift shop (that wasn’t  too far) to buy souvenirs like: slime, stationery, teddies, flashlights (with names and quotes).You know, the shop also sold much more!
The food was DELICIOUS! Wait, not just delicious , but heavenly !!!! Thanks to the generous chef, Nina (Mrs Wall’s sister ). 
Anyway, gotta run now for the evening walk. Oh, we can’t miss our free time. We need all the time we have to clean our rooms!




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