April 2022

The children in Year 4 have been very busy in their Thematic learning this term, creating their very own podcasts!
They have explored the Garageband app, learning to compose and edit their own music, and then researched podcasts to think of ideas for their own.
Working collaboratively, each group then planned and produced their podcast, including their own music, jingles, introductions and interviews, all by themselves!
We hope you enjoy listening to them! Click on the links below.

Class 13 Music

Class 13 Music Group 2

Class 13 Languages

Class 13 Learning Language

Class 13 Speaking Languages

Class 13 About Music

Class 14 Group 1 Elston Life 

Class 14 Group 2 Football

Class 14 Group 3 Books

Class 14 Comedy

Class 14 Group 5 Animals

Class 15 Music

Class 15 Gaming

Class 15 Gaming 2

Class 15 Books

Class 15 Elston Life