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 Applications for Elston Hall Reception should be made through Wolverhampton city council as  attendance at Elston Hall Nursery does not guarantee a place in the Reception year.

Aims of EYFS

  • To create a caring and inviting environment in which the child’s own efforts and independence is supported and celebrated, enabling children to develop a sense of belonging.
  • To offer a variety of learning opportunities, that are both fun and intellectually stimulating and in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters Framework.
  • To develop a partnership with parents and families that will help staff understand the individual needs of the child.
  • To promote an inclusive environment where individual needs are recognised and respected and the diversity of children’s experiences is valued and integral to their development.



Welcome back to all our children, we hope you have had an enjoyable Easter break. We are very much looking forward to all the learning we have planned for the Summer Term.

We have a busy term ahead of us where we will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games. We will also, of course, be ensuring the children are ready for their next learning journey onto Reception.

During the Summer Term our topic will be ‘No Place Like Home’.

The children will be exploring lots of different homes including homes for pets, wild animal and, some unusual homes such as castles.
This term we will be reading a range of fiction text such as ‘The Jolly Postman’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs as well as non-fiction books. The children will have lots of opportunities to continue to develop their story telling skills and actively learn through play and exploration.

Just a reminder, your child will be required to wear PE pumps for their PE lesson every week. Please ensure PE pumps are sent into school as they will remain in school during the week and they will be sent home at the end of the term.

Arrival and Dismissal

Morning Nursery - Doors open at 8:45 am and dismissal at 11.45 am
Afternoon Nursery – Doors open 12:30pm and dismissal at 3:15 pm

We are looking forward to welcoming back all the children into Nursery for a Summer of fun filled learning.

Nursery Team

Nursery Teacher                             Key Workers
Miss C Burns                  Mrs C Hulme    Mrs L Harding     Mrs M Williams

March 2022

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December 2021


July 2021

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Sports Day June 2021

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December 2019

Nursery children travelled together on a steam train in search of Santa. They enjoyed a picnic lunch, sang Christmas songs and saw elephants, a rhino and deer when passing the safari park.
Then.... Santa found us on the train!