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Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Spring Term and to 2022! We trust you had a lovely holiday and look forward to a term full of learning and progress.

English and Mathematics will continue to be taught daily and focus on key writing skills and mathematical calculations.

Our thematic topic for this term is ‘Animal Adventure’ and we will be jumping right into our learning with an exciting visit from the Animal Man in school! In Science, children we be learning about different groups of animals and across other areas of the curriculum children will have many opportunities to show their creative flare this term. We also hope to squeeze in a trip towards the end of term to bring all our learning together.

MFL, R.E and Science will be taught discreetly. Phonics will continue to be an important part of our daily learning through small group teaching at children’s individual abilities. Later on in the term, information regarding with national phonics screening checks will be available. We cannot stress the importance of regular spelling practise and opportunities for daily reading in preparation for these checks. There are many free online games and activities available to support your child with their phonics learning. In school, children particularly enjoy, ‘Phonics Play’ and ‘Phonics Bloom’.

For more details about our learning this term, please see the Spring Curriculum Overview.

Please can we remind parents that no jewellery should be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn on PE days. Children may be asked to remove earrings before PE sessions.

Year 1 PE sessions are:
Class 4 – Monday and Wednesday
Class 5 – Wednesday and Friday
Class 6 – Monday and Wednesday

Please ensure that children have the correct PE kit in school at all times; PE kits can be purchased from the school office. We ask that children also have an outdoor P.E kit for the colder months. This should consist of trainers, jogging bottoms and a tracksuit top.

Water bottles are available at a cost of 20p each. We will continue with morning toast up until close of register and we will offer a piece of fruit for their morning snack.

Children will continue to receive regular homework. As always, children will be expected to read regularly at home and complete weekly comprehensions if on stage 2 or above. Weekly phonic spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested on the following Friday and children will continue with their purple creative homework book with outlined activities.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher, who will usually be available at the end of each day. We anticipate a busy and exciting term ahead and we thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

Miss Hannon/Mrs Humpherson                 Miss Knowles                Miss Dyke


Please click on the links below for information about Year 1 Phonics Screening.

Phonics Screening

Phonics Helpsheet

January 2022

Year 1 had a fantastic day to introduce their new topic - Animal Adventure! Click on the box below to see photos from the day.

November 2021

Year 1 absolutely loved their day at the Think Tank in Birmingham. The day was filled with learning, fun, excitement and laughter. The children were engaged throughout the Amazing Bodies Workshop , their time in the Science Garden, MiniBrum and lots more! The Science Garden was certainly packed full of surprises and fun activities. One of the hi-lights was MiniBrum, an interactive child-sized city where the children are in charge! We were very proud of Year 1's impeccable behaviour during the day!





 February 2021

Great Elston Bake Off

Year 1 wowed us with their amazing entries. Click on the cake to see a selection.


February 2020

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Mr Brown and Mrs Callaghan this morning as part of their Paddington's Space Mission topic. Children asked both adults lots of questions about the moon landing in 1969 and enjoyed listening to their answers. Some of the questions that the children came up with were fantastic! Thanks to both adults for their time and patience.
The children wrote letters to say thank you to our visitors!

Wow, what a great turnout Class 4 had! There were so many enthusiastic parents who joined us this morning for our PE session with Soccer 2000. Everybody had lots of fun working in teams bouncing footballs to make cones flip over and rolling tennis balls so that they hit the cones. Both children and parents were brilliant at both activities and earned lots of points, especially by getting the special orange cones. Well done everyone - a brilliant and fun start to the week!


January 2020

Paddington's Space Mission is underway in Year 1. Children spent the afternoon making alien pictures and rockets.

 November 2019

Despite the miserable weather, Year 1 had a fantastic time at the Black Country Living Museum today. We braved the rain and had a walk around the museum where the boys were very polite and allowed the girls to enter the buildings first. We also enjoyed visiting St James's Infant school where the strict headmaster showed us what it would be like if we were at school in 1912. Children certainly prefer school in the 21st century after experiencing handwriting with hooks and hangers on a slate and having hand inspections. Before the end of the day, children were able to learn about toys from the past and had the opportunity to play with a wide range of old and modern toys. They were amazed to learn that poor children in the past would only have had one or two wooden toys to play with... if they were lucky!


We had a great turn out and children enjoyed showing their parents how they add and subtract using pictures, number tracks, number lines, apparatus and partitioning.  Thank you to all of the families involved. 


We all need a good friend! Year 1 have been thinking about what makes a good friend as part of anti-bullying week.

October 2019

Paddington has been visiting different countries in the UK and teaching us about each of them... can you guess which country he had been to this week? 


Year 1 were also investigating their sense of touch this week and were describing how different objects feel. They explored the objects in Paddington's suitcase by closing their eyes and touching each object. Alex even said "I hope there isn't a cactus in there!" 

Year 1 have been learning about instructions this week and they have had a great time following instructions on how to make a paper plate fish, a bracelet, a pirate hat and a picture puzzle. 

Some brilliant creative homework!

 September 2019




June 2019

Year 1 children loved spending the afternoon with their dad, stepdad, uncle, granddad etc. this afternoon. They played phonics reading games, shared stories, designed front covers for books and even decorated gingerbread men together! Thank you so much to all who attended - the children loved it and it was great to see so many grown ups sharing in their children’s learning!



April 2019

On Monday and Tuesday we went on our trip to Weston Park as part of our Victorians topic. We had a fantastic day that was filled with activities. First, we made our very own cup and ball  that we decorated with bright colours. After that, we went on a walk around the grounds and saw Weston Hall. We saw a stone pineapple at the entrance and learnt that the Victorians often had pineapples around their homes to show people how wealthy they were. Next we played with Victorian toys outside, there were wooden hoops, skipping ropes, croquet, wooden skittles and quoits. Lunchtime came and we all ate our food together in the hall. In the afternoon, we dressed up in Victorian clothes, played with Victorian toys and learnt about Victorian nurseries. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day!




March 2019

Year 1 children loved dressing up as their favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day. 


Look at our amazing homework