Conwy Residential - Year 4 - 2019

Conwy Castle

Year 4 are visiting Conwy from Monday 20th May to Wednesday 22nd May

See below for updates during our visit. 

Dont forget to visit regularly for updates. 







































Starting off with a big breakfast to set us up for the day!



We asked the children what their favourite part of the day was, here are their replies!

Dom - "The pudding, I love jam sponge!"

Naseeb - "The sea lion show was funny, they performed amazing tricks!"

Fred - "The party we had in the boys room."

Nathaniel -"I loved seeing the bears fighting."

Daniel - "It was great playing football with my best mates."

Ethan - " Dinner was amazing, I'm a greedy boy."

Harvey - "The baboon showing off was awesome."

Lily-May - "Lovely weather and stunning views."

Mollie - "Playing cards on the coach."

Maisie - " I loved Sophia the sea lion skidding across the floor."

Jessie - "Whizzing along on the zip-wire."

Narlah- " I loved seeing all the different animals.

Jorga - "It's been the best day ever!"

Showered, PJs on, hot chocolate and now a story with Mr Grayson.




We are here! A quick safety talk and then we'll settle in!