Tuesday 24th May Day 2 5pm

We have had such a wonderful day – from start to finish!

This morning, we were up bright and early and ready for a delicious cooked breakfast – clean plates all round with toast, cereal, fruit juices and a full English. We could get used to that.

At 10am, we set off on our short coach ride to Llandudno. There, we split into two large groups and completed two activities, even falling lucky with the weather. Blue skies and sunshine.

1) We rode on the tram up the Great Orme, stopping at the Halfway Station to visit the mine. We loved riding up the steep roads on the tram, and the mine talk was really interesting. Year 4 showed their understanding of the Bronze and Iron Age well, with some excellent listening and great answers. The mine even tweeted how impressed they were. At the top, we played on the lovely playpark and marvelled at the view over Llandudno bay.

“The mine was scary at first but then at the end it was more fun! I enjoyed it” by Emelia.

“It was dug 3500 year ago or more. Inside, it was dark and people had to use candles instead of torches.” Joshua W

“ I liked going up on the tram because you could see such a wonderful view.” by Evie.

“I saw wild bunny rabbits running around on the hills and they were really cute” By Sophia

2) We went onto the pier at Llandudno, exploring this beautiful old attraction with its wooden boardwalk and viewing points. The arcade was a real highlight for many of us, testing our hand-eye coordination and determination! Many of us walked away winners! We played on the sands, collecting shells and pebbles and enjoyed an ice cream, whilst dodging the pesky seagulls.

“When I was walking to the coach, I was eating my ice cream and then a very rude seagull stole it! Mrs BC gave me hers instead so I was ok!” by Daisie B.

"I have enjoyed the ice cream and the beach. We played on the sand and found rocks together. " Jack W

Back at the Youth Hostel, a delicious meal of sausage and mash, jacket potatoes, doughnuts, choc ices and fruit was devoured quickly. We are currently “tidying” our rooms, heading into the garden next to enjoy the warm evening sunshine. We have been spoilt!

“The dorm is very clean, because we have been working as a team to clean it. If we work hard on our room, we can win another room point!” by Frances.


Year 4 Conwy 23rd May 2022 - 8pm

What a great first day we have had! We were all very excited to arrive at school this morning and get the coaches loaded. Our families gave us a lovely send off, and we were on our way! We enjoyed a sing-song on the coach and after a stop for a toilet break, we arrived at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, near Conwy.

Using our map skills, we navigated around the zoo to explore and spot as many animals as we could. The monkeys, chimps and gibbons made us laugh with their climbing and swinging skills, and we loved seeing the flamingos and meerkats. The Reptile house was really hot and humid, housing the alligators, many snakes and even a gecko. We spent some time playing on their amazing play area, mimicking the monkeys with our own climbing skills.
Finally, we met Spray, the Sea lion, and listened to a talk about him whilst watching him dive, do tricks and catch fish from his keeper.

"The zoo was fantastic" by Roman.
" I loved the otters because they were very cute" by Edith.
"My best part of the zoo visit was seeing the sea lion show, because I liked the way they jumped up and splashed us" by Erica.
"I liked the monkeys when they were swinging. They used their tails well" by Scarlett.
"I really liked the lemurs as they were stripy and looked really fluffy" by Georgia.
"I enjoyed seeing the animals at the zoo" by Brandon.

After all that Zoo fun, we set off on the coach for a short ride to the Youth Hostel. There, we had great fun carrying our luggage up to find our bedrooms and getting unpacked. We made signs for our doors and put all our teddys and pyjamas ready, then happily headed into the dinner hall for a lovely tea - Macaroni Cheese or Jacket potato. There were clean plates all round, and then we enjoyed Chocolate Brownies, Choc ices or fruit for pudding. Delicious.

"The chocolate brownie was delicious" by Josh E.

After playing outside and showers, we are now getting our pyjamas on ready for a hot chocolate together. There are some heavy eyelids after all our adventures in the fresh air, so the teachers are hoping we all nod off quickly tonight - fingers crossed!

"The shower was fantastic" by Riley!